Greatness Of Vedas & The Greatness Of Agamas – Tirumantiram (51-66)

Greatness Of Vedas (51-56)

51: Vedas Proclaim Dharma 

No Dharma is, barring what the Vedas say; 

Its central core the Vedas proclaim; 

And the Wise ones ceased contentious brawls, 

Intoned the lofty strains and Freedom’s battle won.

52: Truth Of Maker 

Brahma spoke the Vedas, but Himself not the goal supreme; 

He spoke the Vedas only the great Maker to reveal; 

He spoke them for the Holy sacrifices to perform, 

He spoke them, the True One to manifest.

53: Moving Mood 

In the beauteous Veda, aptly named the Rig, 

As the moving mood behind, He stood; 

In the trembling chant of the Vedic priests He stood, 

Himself the Eye of vision Central.

54: Supreme Path 

The Holy Path is naught but the Path Supreme, 

Who muse on the Lord, Himself the Path Supreme, 

As Material-Immaterial, as Guru Divine, 

They reach Siva’s Pure Path-so Vedantas all declare. 

55: One In Several 

Of the One, the Vedas chant in divisions six, 

The One who yet in parts divisible does not be, 

As divided parts they swam into their ken, 

Then upgathered and swelled into the patterned whole. 

56: Vedic Sacrifices 

Uncaught in the world’s web of woman, song and dance, 

Such alone seek the holy sacrifice to perform; 

But the unpracticed in austerities do but reach 

Desire’s Abode, misery to find.

The Greatness Of The Agamas (57-66)

57: Agamas From The Fifth Face Of Siva 

The Lord that consorts the blue-hued One 

Has the Agamas twenty-five and three; 

Bowing low, the six and sixty sought 

The Fifth-Faced One the Agamas’ deep import to expound. 

58: Agamas Innumerable 

The Sivagamas the Lord by Grace revealed; 

In number a billion-million-twenty-eight 

In them the Celestials the Lord’s greatness gloried; 

Him, I too shall muse and praise. 

59: Agamic Truths In 18 Languages 

In eighteen various tongues they speak 

The thoughts which Pandits alone know; 

The Pandits’ tongues numbering ten and eight

Are but what the Primal Lord declared. 

60: Agamas Deep In Content 

The Agamas, the Lord by Grace revealed, 

Deep and baffling even to the Gods in Heaven; 

Seventy billion-millions though they be; 

Like writing on the waters, eluding grasp. 

61: Agamas Revealed 

The Infinite revealing the Infinite Vast 

Came down to earth, Siva’s Dharma to proclaim, 

The immortals, then, Him as Nandi adored, 

And He stood forth the Agamas artic’lating.

62: Agamas Transmitted 

From Siva the Infinite to Shakti and Sadasiva, 

To Maheswara the Joyous, to Rudra Dev and Brahmisa, 

So in succession unto Himself from Himself, 

The nine Agamas our Nandi begot. 

63: Nine Agamas 

The Agamas so received are Karanam, Kamigam, 

The Veeram good, the Sindam high and Vadulam, 

Vyamalam the other, and Kalottaram, 

The Subram pure and Makutam to crown. 

64: Import Of Agamas 

Numberless the Sivagamas composed, 

The Lord by His Grace revealed; 

Yet they know not the wisdom He taught; 

Like writing on water, the unnumbered fade.

65: Revealed Alike In Sanskrit and Tamil 

Devoid alike of rain and summer’s gift of dew 

Even the flashing lake had lost it’s vernal bloom 

Then did He in Sanskrit and Tamil at once, 

Reveal the rich treasure of His Compassion to our Lady Great.

66: Key To Mystery Of Life 

Life takes its birth, stands preserved awhile, 

And then its departure takes; caught 

In that momentary wave of flux, Him we glimpse, 

The Lord who in Tamil sweet and northern tongue 

Life’s mystery revealed.

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