The Guru Hierarchy & History Of Tirumular (67-94)

The Guru Hierarchy (67-72)

67: Eight Masters 

Seekest thou the Masters who Nandi’s grace received 

First the Nandis Four, Sivayoga the Holy next; 

Patanjali, then, who in Sabha’s holy precincts worshipt, 

Vyaghra and I complete the number Eight. 

68: Eight Nathas 

By Nandi’s Grace I, His Masters elect, 

By Nandi’s Grace I Primal First sought; 

By Nandi’s Grace, what can I perform not? 

Nandi guiding, I here below remained. 

69: Seven Disciples 

By merit of instruction imparting, 

Malangan, Indiran, Soman and Brahman, 

Rudran, Kalangi and Kancha-malayan, 

These seven in my line successive come. 

70: Four Nandis 

The Four, each in his corner, as Master ruled, 

The Four, each his diverse treasure held, 

Each in his turn spoke, “Take all I’ve;” 

And thus, Immortals and Masters became.

71: Lord Transcends What He Revealed 

The Lord it was who spoke to the Three and to the Four, 

He spoke of Death futile and of Birth according; 

At once of God and the three Radiant Lights; 

Yet His surpassing greatness ne’er fully revealed.

72: Nandis Attain Celestial State 

“The Heavens in eight directions may rain, 

Yet shall you the Holy rites and pure perform;” 

So spoke He of the matted locks and coral hue, 

And His Grace conferred on the steadfast Four

History Of Tirumular (73-94)

73: In Meekness And Prayer 

High on my bowed head Nandi’s sacred Feet I bore, 

Intoning loud His Name in my heart’s deepest core, 

Daily musing on Hara wearing high the crescent moon, 

Thus I ventured the Agamas to compose. 

74: Witnessed Divine Dance 

Flashed in my mind the mystic name of Sivagama; 

Straight I rose to Arul Nandi’s Holy Feet; 

These eyes witnessed, enthralled, 

The surpassing Dance in Holy Sabh; 

Thus I lived and joyed for seven crore Yuga. 

75: Lost In Sakti Devotion 

Hear O! Indra, what urged me thus? 

She the Holy One, Lady of the Universe, rich and vast 

In devotion deep and true, Her I adored 

And with ardour unceasing, here I pursued.

76: Mystic Truths Flashed 

Sadasiva, Tattva, the Muthamil and Veda 

Them I sought not while here I stood; 

I held them not in the heart; but soon my mind turned, 

And indifference abandoning, realised them all.

77: Import Of Siva Dance 

This it was, O Malanga, urged me here to come, 

The Veda to expound and the Dance Divine’s deep import; 

These mysteries occult the Lord first unveiled 

To Her of the azure hue and jewels bright.

78: Devotion To Sakti 

Bright jewelled, the Eternal Bliss named, 

She my Saviour, sundering all bonds of birth; 

Siva’s treasure, Mistress of Avaduthurai cool, 

Her Feet I reached and in devotion fast remained.

79: Under The Sacred Bodhi Tree 

Fixed in devotion fast I clung to Her Lord-elect, 

Rooted firm to Siva who in Avaduthurai smiled; 

In devotion fast sought repose under Siva Bodhi’s shade, 

In devotion fast I chanted 

The lyric spell of His countless names.

80: Countless Years In Mortal Body 

Remained thus prisoned in mortal coil for ages beyond count; 

Remained in space where day nor darkness is; 

Remained in places where Devas offered praise, 

Remained immutably fix’t at Nandi’s holy Feet and true.

81: Agamic Truths In Tamil 

What availeth thee now to be born, 

If to the Lord, the meed of penance you deny? 

The Lord made me, my task assigned, 

In sweetest Tamil His Glory to expound. 

82: Through Ninety Milliion Yugas 

While Time’s unbroken chain trailed its nine Yuga’s length, 

Wisdom’s Mistress into Nandi’s City passed, 

And bathed His Feet in Wisdom’s loving stream; 

And I sat and watched, under the sacred Bodhi tree.

83: From Kailas To Earth 

I sought the way countless Devas, Asuras, humans take 

To scale the heights; all wisdom conquered; 

Thus a Shiv Muni I grew and Siddha true, 

Came down here through the cerulean blue

84: Immortal Body 

Of Books that glow and thrill the heart, 

The Vedas stand in truth unsurpassed, 

The Lord who, the center holding, 

Bodied forth the Vedic chants; 

Likewise in His Grace to me gave this body-temple to hold.

85: Bliss To Humanity 

All the world may well attain the Bliss I have; 

Who hold firm to the Heavenly secret the Books impart, 

Who chant the hymns that thrill the flesh 

And swell the heart, 

They, sure, take their place in foremost rank.

86: Garland Of Mantras 

The Heavenly Beings with folded hands approach 

Nandi the Lord above and free of the bonds of Birth; 

Deep in their hearts the Holy Hymns revolve 

And, devoutly fixed, chant the immortal strains. 

87: Splendour Of Tamil Agamas 

In Himself He contained the glowing Fire, 

In Himself the Seven Worlds, and yet all space not filling 

He contained too the Tamil Sastra, in lone splendour set, 

Pregnant of import, deep yet recondite. 

88: Baffling Quest Of Brahma And Vishnu 

Ayan and Mal, His Head and Foot toiling sought, 

Baffled in their quest, again on earth they met; 

“I saw not the Foot,” Achuth plained, 

“The Head I saw,” Ayan falsely claimed.

89: Lord Blessed Tirumular 

Nandi, by bull, deer and axe ever attended, 

Nandi, my Lord, the Cause without Cause, 

Creation’s limit in His Thought conceived to me revealed, 

And on my lowly head He planted His Holy Feet.

90: Basic Spiritual Categories 

So impelled, streamed out of me in measures full 

The Jneya, the Jnana, and the Jnathuru, 

The Maya, and the Parayaya that in Mamaya arise, 

The Siva and the Agochara Veeya. 

91: From Siva’s Seat To Earth 

Thus expounding I bore His Word 

Down Kailas’s unchanging path, 

The Word of Him, the Eternal, the Truth Effulgence, 

The Limitless Great, Nandi, the Joyous One, 

He of the Blissful Dance that all impurity dispels. 

92: Form-Formless Sadasiva State 

With Nandi’s Grace I sought the Primal Cause, 

With Nandi’s Grace I Sadashiv became, 

With Nandi’s Grace Truth Divine attained, 

With Nandi’s Grace I so remained. 

93: God Within Vedic Hymns 

In the countless measures that are in Veda Rig, 

He indwells with His radiant locks; 

The Sun and Moon with their splendid argent rays, 

In vain they melt the waxing lustre of His glowing locks. 

94: Night And Day Yearn For Him 

Unceasing, I prattle daily Nandi’s name, 

By day praise Him in thought and ;by night as well, 

Daily I yearn for my Master, the Light-Hued, 

The Lord of the uncreated Radiant Flame.

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