Tirumantiram – In Praise of God (26-50)

26: Attain Grace 

Adore the Lord, who in unbroken continuity stood, 

The Lord who protecting over all earth expanded, 

Transcending all He stood; over the lotus bloom aloft, 

In smiling glory He sat; Holy be His feet! 

27: He Enters Into You 

The Infinite of Lotus-Face, rivalling twilight ineffable, 

May ours be His Grace Divine! 

And they who thus Nandi daily beseech, 

Into their Heart, creeping, He comes! He comes! 

28: Your Guide 

Beckoning He stood, He, the All-pervading; 

But they who, doubt-tossed, in self-contention lost, 

They stood withered at the root; 

To those who freely give themselves to the Lord on High, 

To them is He the certain, immutable Guide. 

29: Axle-Pin 

Oh! You, the Unseen, only kin to this forlorn slave, 

Let me not falter to embrace Your feet! 

For to the heart of Your servant, pure and true 

You ever stood even as the axle-pin. 

30: Yearn For Him 

As the Heavens draw the rains; 

Even so will my Lord draw me to Him? 

Thus, doubting, many ask. 

But like to the mother-cow, for my Nandi I yearn 

And all the world, all the world know it too! 

31: Seek Him In Love 

Of the Earth is He, of the sky is He! Well He be! 

Of the Heaven is He, of truest Gold is He! Well He be! 

Of sweetest song’s inmost rapture is He! 

Him my love besought, from heart’s central core. 

32: Sing Of Him 

The Lord of Gods, and of ours too, 

The Lord who all space pervades, 

And the seven Worlds, ocean-bound, transcends; 

None do know His nature true, 

How then may we sing His Grace Divine? 

33: Adore Him 

Many the Gods this hoary world adores, 

Many the rituals; many the songs they sing; 

But knowing not the One Truth, of Wisdom bereft 

Unillumined, they can but droop at heart. 

34: Chant His Names Thousand 

Like the fragrance of the musk the musk-deer constant emits, 

Is the True Path which the Lord to Celestials imparts. 

Sitting or moving, I chant the rich essence of His Name, 

His thousand Names that are with spark divine. 

35: Path Crossed 

Even the Path impassable is foot-easy made, 

If you the Lord praise and Him adore; 

The East and West and directions all 

He does transmute–and thus dances He the Lord.

36: Praise And Be Blessed 

Oh, Heavenly Father, Nandi, the unsurfeiting nectar sweet, 

Oh, Bounteous One, Unequalled, First of Time! 

Praise Him ever; and even as you praise, 

So thine reward will also be. 

37: Throbs Within 

Daily I kneel and chant Nandi’s holy Name; 

Envisioned, He stands, the Fire-Hued One, 

Flaming like the moon in sky; into me He comes, 

And throbs and breathes through my mortal flesh. 

38: Greatness Unceasing 

I will not cease to speak of Him, the Great, the Rare, 

I will not cease to prate of Him, the Form Unborn, 

I will not cease to talk of Nandi, the Mighty, 

I will never cease, for pure and great am I then! 

39: Adore And Attain Grace 

He, the Divine Light, shining bright in devotee’s heart, 

He, of the Holy Waters, wherein He sports, 

Him shall we praise, Him call, “Our Lord,” 

And, thus adoring, His Grace attain. 

40: In The Heart Of The Pure 

Humbled and meek, seek thou the Lord’s Feet, 

Feet that equal the rays of purest gold serene; 

Praise Him with songs of the humble heart 

And unpenurious tongue; 

To such He comes, the all-fashioning Lord. 

41: In Depths Of Devotee’s Heart 

To them He comes, who, in heart’s deep confines 

Treasure His Name, 

The Lord who consumed the deathly poison of hatred born, 

Consorting with Her of the gleaming brow, 

Conjoint, like the pairing deer in amity sweet.

42: Grants All 

They alone attain His Feet, who seek and praise; 

To them He shall grant the world the Four-Headed one made; 

Full well the elect come, the world of Maya girdling, 

One is He with Her of the shoulders reed-shaped. 

43: Eternal Grace 

To them that speak of Hara’s Holy Feet and weep, 

To them that daily muse at the Great One’s mighty feet, 

To them that, in deep devotion fixed, wait to serve, 

To them comes the Eternal’s all-filling Grace. 

44: Shines In Love 

“Glory to the Holy Feet,” the Devas chant, 

“Glory to the Holy Feet,” the Asuras hymn, 

“Glory to the Holy Feet,” the humans, too, echo, 

Thus I gloried Him, and in my love He shone. 

45: Divine Path 

Except by Fate He decrees this sea-girt world revolves not, 

Except by Fate He decrees do joys and age arrive not, 

Daily pray to the Light Effulgent; 

The Divine Path He’ll prove, the Sure Sun He’ll be. 

46: In Heart’s Center 

“You of the Twilight Hue! O! Hara! O! Siva!” 

Thus, His Holy Feet devotees praise and sing; 

He of the Primary Hue, the First, the Infinite 

Entered my being, my heart’s center held. 

47: Bliss Denied 

In Home is He, like Holy Men is He, 

In Thought is He; 

Like the kite concealed in the palm’s leafy depths, 

Your Bliss is for them alone who muse upon You steadfast.

48: Unflickering Lamp 

The Lord of Gods, whom the pious adore, 

To Him I bend my knees and His Grace invoke, 

The Lord, Our Father, blessing us of earth, 

The Lamp that flickers not, Him I seek.

49: Sea Of Bondage 

Who, on the Lord, Shakti-Consort, meditate, 

And take the way of Pasu-Pasa, 

They swim across the foaming sea of Sin, 

And, swimming, reach the shore of Pasu-Pasa.

50: Seeking Is All 

I’ll wreathe Him in garland, I’ll hug Him to heart; 

I’ll sing Him His Name and dance with gift of flowers; 

Singing and dancing seek the Lord; 

This alone I know, only too well I know.

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