Dharma Of Brahmins & Death Fairer Than The Tyrant – Tantra One in Tirumantiram (224-250)

Dharma Of Brahmins (224-237)

224: Brahmins Stand in Holy Path

Brahmins are they who the six duties perform,

Tend the glowing fire and thrice daily pray,

Stand fixt in the Holy Path and chant the Vedic hymns,

Morn and eve–and thus all life’s knots untie.

225: Through Vedanta They Seek the Endless Bliss

Intensely eager, Vedanta’s noble doctrine to imbibe,

They merge into Pranava, of the three sounds composed,

And transcending the states of Nadanta, Vedanta and Bodanta

Vision the Lord that is the Finite End,

And there into unending bliss they grow.

226: They Incessant Chant Gayatri and Savitri Mantras

Minds centered in Gayatri holy and Savitri mysterious,

They chant the noble hymns, the heart of Truth to seek;

Mounted on Love’s Chariot, lost in Love’s sweet ecstasy,

They drown not in Maya–the holy Brahmins meek.

227: They Attain the Manifestness State of God

Deep they pondered on Pranava’s great holy way,

By Guru’s grace inspired recited the mystic lay,

The rituals performed by the four Vedas prescribed,

And thus attained pure, pristine Manifestness–the spotless Brahmins they.

228: To Sunder Birth’s Bonds is to Realize Brahmam

The Truth, Penance and the self Him becoming,

The torturing senses, spear-like, piercing,

The unity of life and its kinship realising,

Brahmam that is, dbirth’s bonds sundering.

229: Vedanta is to be Rid of Desires

The Brahmins who yearned for Vedanta’s mystic truths,

Heard and listened but yielded still to desire’s sway;

True Vedanta it is when earth-born desires all are crushed;

Those who Vedanta truly grasped, all desires burnt away.

230: Tuft and Thread Alone do not Make a Brahmin

Do thread and tuft alone prove the Brahmin state?

The thread, then, only a dark bond, the fine tuft, only tresses long;

The true thread Vedantam is, the sacred tuft wisdom proves

These the Brahmnins truly see, these virtues to them belong.

231: Attributes of True Brahmins

Of Truth devoid, of pure Wisdom Bereft,

Lacking sense-control, spiritually inert,

Empty of devotion or grasp of Truth divine;

Mad fools are they–not Brahmins, I assert.

232: They Seek Samadhi State

The Holy Path neither Chit nor Achit is;

Along the Guru-led way, they reach the blessed Holy State;

And all action and rituals abandoned,

The Vedic Brahmins glide into Turiya Samadhi State.

233: They Stand Firm in Vedanta Truth

If the Veda-knowing alone true Brahmins be,

Such beings falter not in Vedanta’s sublime lore,

All the rest they know as vain trappings base–

Those be the Brahmins who Vedas’ depths explore.

234: True Brahmins Bring Prosperity to Earth

The holy Brahmins who the pure life embrace,

And ponder well on truths that mark the Vedas’ end,

Their glory wanes not, their king’s earthly empire ever grows,

If morn and eve the sacrificial fire they tend.

235: Through Vedanta They Scale the Heights of Siddhanta

When the Light of Vedanta dawns, from Karma are they freed;

Then, up the path to the Light of Nadanta they scale;

When thus they reach the Lord of Bodanta Light,

Salvation they attain–the Nadanta-Siddhanta Grand Finale.

236: They Seek Merger in Lord

When ‘You’ and ‘I’ merge in one and the truth they see,

Then seek they the Lord triumphant, seated firm, serene,

Past all babbling words of sweet-sounding praise;

Such alone the true, worshipful grace attain.

237: They Vision Brahma in Aum

The two attachments, Maya and karma, of their own accord departing,

The self that Liberation seeks naught else will take;

And the lotus-seated Brahma most divinely pleased,

Merges in the Om, the sacrificial aviss to partake.

Death Fairer Than The Tyrant (238-247)

238: Death Fairer Than the Tyrant

The ignornant king and Death are cast in equal mould;

Nay, truth to tell, more justly than foolish King, Death claims his due;

The Witless tyrant no law obeys but in murderous fury kills

But Death, cast in finer mould, nears not the good men true.

239: Let the Ruler Observe Holy Law

The ignornant king and Death are cast in equal mould;

Nay, truth to tell, more The Holy Law daily in strictness observed,

If he who rules the state fails to seek the Divine Way

Day by day that land decays in folly envelopt,

Day by day that ruler’s wealth declines and dwindles away.

240: Ruler’s Duty Towards Men of False Garb

What avails the holy garb if the holy life you refuse?

Theirs the truest garb when outer guise and mind accord;

If the king justly rule the state against those who go off the holy way

Then he makes them keep the holy way

And to sure salvation their feet directs.

241: Ruler’s Duty to Impious Brahmins

If Brahmins, from folly unredeemed, flaunt the tuft and thread,

That land droops and fades, its ruler’s glory runs to waste;

So, scanning deep in Wisdom’s light, the King shall clip

The thread and tuft for empty show kept and possessed.

242: Ruler’s Duty to Impart Wisdom to Erring Brahmins

The senseless fools donning sacred thread and matted locks,

And with chanting phrases pretend to wisdom unpossessed,

Them, the ruler of state shall, with wise men’s help, take and test,

And, for the country’s good, impart words in wisdom drest.

243: Ruler’s Duty to Protect Cow, Women and Brahmins

The cow, the woman, the sacred Brahmins true,

And men in holy garb whom the Devas acclaim,

These the King shall protect; if that duty he ignores,

Irredeemable his hell shall be, cursed ever his name.

244: Ruler’s Share–One-Sixth of the Subject’s Produce

If salvation high and treasures true you seek,

Then, awake or asleep, unceasing, the holy way pursue;

Know that of labour done in this sea-girt world,

To the King, in truth, one share in six is due.

245: Ruler’s Duty to Defend the Territory

If the ruler exceeding well his state protects,

The subjects, in duty bound, to that same end incline;

When the enemy, in lust of pride, the state invades,

Then, like a leopard, leaps the King to defend his domain.

246: Ruler to Punish Drunkards

Breath in control held, letting inward fire upward rise,

Mind turned to Samadhi moon-sprung nectar–if they drink not,

But, like inebriates, heady liquors madly consume,

Then, such shall by ruler to just punishment be brought.

247: Ruler to Punish Those Who Deviate From Their Professed

Who, by their professed faiths, do not abide,

Beside the judgment they receive in the life beyond,

In terms of Agamic law by Siva revealed,

Punished they shall be on earth by the just ruler of the land.

The Glory Of Rains (248-249)

248: Vegetation Blooms

The fertilising flood of rains outpouring

Makes trees and plants bloom enriched with sap;

The areca palm, coconut, cane and plantain green,

And vomica to Samadhi’s nectar leading–Stand laden rich with crop.

249: Descent of Divine Stream in Yoga

The heaven-sent torrent leaps rushing down rocky eights;

So does the silent divine stream from heart’s inner core,

Foamless, pure, clear, crystalline,

Boundless, free–from my Holy Master, e’er pour.

The Glory Of Giving (250)

250: Share Your Food With Others

Give freely to all; discriminate not o’er much;

See food served to others ere sitting down to eat;

Heap not perishing gold, eat not in greedy haste;

The crow calls its brood to share its food, howe’er sweet.

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