In Praise Of The Charitable and Way Of The Uncharitable – Tantra One (251-279)

In Praise Of The Charitable (251-259)

251: The Charitable Realize the Self

Who the self realise, seek and adore the Feet of the Lord;

Who the self realise, most freely give in charity;

Who the self realise, Lord of Tattvas become;

Who the self realise, Kin to the Lord in dear amity.

252: Charity is Within Reach of All

Easy to all to offer in worship a green leaf to the Lord,

Easy to all to give a mouthful to the cow,

Easy to all to give a handful, sitting down to eat,

Easy to all, good, kind words on others to bestow.

253: Evils of Hoarding

The food that feeds the needy–that alone true charity is;

True men they who that simple truth do find;

But they who hoard, like water in pool past access,

To eat and gorge–to Charity’s ways are they blind.

254: Give Charity When You Have

Dirt driven away, with Wisdom you fill not your mind;

In days of plenty, empty is your charity’s exchequer;

What avails it, though wide awake, if hell-fire spreads around,

What avails it, then, if impoverished of heart you are?

255: Give Charity Here and Now

Of yourself knowing little, caring naught for your good,

Unmindful e’en of poverty of tender youth taking no care,

Before Death’s stern, relentless summons arrives,

Let noble charities your redeeming goodness declare.

256: By Your Charities Lord Knows You

To him who renounces, no kith or kin has he;

To him condemned to beg, no true delights has he;

To him who charityless is, the Lord denies His Presence;

By the measure of thy charity done, the Lord is known to thee.

257: Charity Leads to Life Eternal

Some in charity overflow; by such noble deeds done,

Noble gods they become in human beings’ high esteem;

And the many who hold this fleshly body their dear God,

To them comes Death, saying; “I, your God supreme.”

258: Charity and Devotion Twin Escorts to Heaven

Our life’s boat across the foaming sea of Karma flies;

Twin the pathways to dispel the labour and the strain;

Glory giving tapas and charity the heavenly escorts,

To us and our dear kin from life’s battle vain.

259: Charity is Your Life’s Prop

Earthly desires to worldly objects attached,

No end know; but in charity’s noble way,

E’en the little things you give, sure props provide;

All the rest meekly take as the Lord’s gift for the day.

Way Of The Uncharitable (260-269)

260: The Hoarders are Sinners

The ripened nux vomica falls profitless on ground;

Such the barren wealth of those who charities deny;

With usurious greed they bury deep their treasures,

The hardened sinners, true fruit unknowing, thus live and die.

261: Life is Fleeting; Give While You Live

The aeons pass, the unreturning ages go;

The allotted span of life daily dwindles away;

This irksome body, as if squeezed by some power unknown,

Perishes: seeing this yet, they learn not charity’s way.

262: Give and Escape Hell

Charity denying, they know not the Lord’s Feet to praise,

Nor enter they the precincts of the City of Siva’s Grace;

Their ears inclined to those who falsehoods preach,

They stand to sin enslaved, condemned to hell’s hot embrace.

263: All Ailments Assail, If in Charity You Fail

Consumption and anaemia, asthma and colic pain

Such the lot of those who nothing in charity give;

Snake and thunder, sore throat and fleshly ills,

Approach not them that others’ needs relieve.

264: End is Nigh; Do not Deny

The Lord adored by all the world, yet they praise not,

To the needy poor, even the smallest bit ye deny,

Nor’ll ye tend the garden e’en with one potful of water;

Will ye for ever stand in Hell? Ye whose end is nigh.

265: Loneliness Comes of Denial

Unescorted, alone, the charity-less their last journey make,

And miss their track; journeying thus, in birth-cycle caught

They know not how the binding Karmas to dispel,

And so slip and fall to be irretrievably lost.

266: Compassion Leads to God

They, whose hearts melt in charity, see the Feet of the Lord,

The steadfast of faith attain Swarga’s might,

But those sinful ones of charity befeft, helpless, forsaken,

Engulfed in passions low, pass into eternal night.

267: Denial Leads to Misery

Bliss and pain–these two woven into the web of life,

Result from deeds of our own devising;

The bliss of giving they knew, and yet the fools gave not,

The shrivelled of heart, to charity unwise, its glory unknowing

268: Denial Leads to Sinful State

The Lord of blemishless glory, from death and birth immune,

Permits none to enjoy bliss, unearned by worthy deed;

Giving and gifting–of these always think;

Deny and cause pain;

You stand condemned to the Pasu state indeed.

269: Giving is Aiming True

Seek not wealth that many reckon as life indeed,

Nor waste your days on fools, of wisdom dark,

But turn your feet to the eternal Home and praise the Lord,

Then true bowman you prove, hitting straight the mark.

To Be Love-possessed (270-279)

270: Love and Siva are One

The ignorant prate that Love and Siva are two,

But none do know that Love alone is Siva

When men but know that Love and Siva are the same,

Love as Siva, they e’er remained.

271: Lay Love’s Garland at Lord’s Feet

He of the leopard’s skin, gleaming brighter than gold,

His tender crescent flashing rich with argent ray,

The Great Dancer, with burning ashes smeared thick;

At His Feet, my garland, plaited with Love’s incense, I lay.

272: Melt in Love and Possess Him

You may turn your bone to fuel, your flesh to meat,

And let them roast and sizzle to the gold-red blaze;

But unless your heart melts in the sweet ecstasy of Love,

My Lord, my Treasure-trove, you ne’er can possess.

273: Love Hara and See Him

They, of intense love, Hara surely see,

They, of the compassionate heart, see the Holy Feet to praise;

The world-burdened see only life’s revolving wheel,

And, in Horror’s mazes lost, enter Hell’s trackless ways.

274: Love Him, He Loves You

My God, the melter of my heart of love, let all adore;

My God, the Lord of primal Love, First of Beings ever,

My God, who again and again melts my heart, Nandi Lord,

May He render me His Love in foremost measure!

275: He is Enthroned in Love

Praise Him but once, the Pure and Holy One;

For e’er your heavenly escort He’ll be,

He, the Lord Siva, deckt in honeyed konrai blooms

He sat enthroned in my love, steadfast and free.

276: His Love is Unending

Many know not Him who first wrought this world,

And wrapt in infinite Love, born of His lordly Grace;

In this world, evil-ridden, He filled our life

With His love unending, He, the Lord of limitless space.

277: His Love is Blessings All

The Light Refulgent emits beams of purest gold;

Plant that deep and firm in heart; raising worship thus,

If you, in yearning song, seek Isan’s Grace,

Then, sure, no end be to His blessings copious.

278: Seek in Love the Heavenly Father

Birth He caused, and Death, too, in its wake;

This mystery we daily see; and yet mankind

Cling in deep desire to life, but call not on Him,

Nor seek Him, saying, “Our Father, great and kind.”

279: He is Our Refuge

Inside Love is He; in outer Nature is He; as body also is He;

The past and future is He; the Lord of Rishis is He;

The Precious One who inside Love resides,

Only those, who in Love reside, find in Him the Refuge free.

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