Tantra Two in Tamil Classic Tirumantiram (337-350)

337: The Lord Corrects the Earth’s Balance Through Agastya

“Hail! Our Lord Supreme!

This earthly orb from its epicentre sways,

And dangerous on its side swerves”

Thus they bewailed, the Beings Celestial

And the Lord spoke:


You that sit in tapas hard

Amidst the blazing sacrifice–fire

Hasten to the globe’s swerving side

And there be seated, its balance to redress.”

338: Agastya–A Pervasive Light

Unfailing at dawn

With the sun that doth in high heavens

Agastya lights the Fire divine;

He is the holy Muni of North

Whence the Primal Fire was born;

And the radiant light, pervasive-all.

339: The Eight Mighty Deeds of Siva–Destruction of Antaka

“Antaka, the Asura

Frightening unto God of Death

Whose name he bore

Armed with boons divine

Harassed worlds all”

–Thus the Celestial Beings moaned to the Lord;

And the Lord,

Lifting high His trident sharp

Pierced him straight to certain death.

340: The Lord Punished Daksha

Daksha, the son of Brahma fatally erred;

Deadly was his sin

To defy the Lord’s primacy;

And the Lord smote his head

And consigned it to flames

And then bethought;

“Such like are needed for this world

An object lesson to serve”

And so, fixing a sheep’s head to the trunk

Thus let him be.

341: How the Lord Punished Aya and Atchutha

All pervasive are the Lord’s feet

All worlds they support

All life they sustain;

That this the Heavenly Beings may know

In mounting anger He nipped Aya’s head

And in the skull drained Atchutha’s blood

(When they His supremacy defied.

342: How the Lord Destroyed Jalandhara

The Lord pervades all,

My heart too He fills with joy;

He spoke the Vedas and scriptures all;

Him–the haughty Jalandhara challenged in duel

And the Lord with his toe marked a circle

And into it He saw his final end.

343: The Lord Burnt the Cities Three

The Primal Lord,

Who on His matted crimson locks

Wears Ganga’s water sacred,

He destroyed the Cities Three

–Thus say the ignorant;

The Three Cities are the Triple Impurities

It is them He burnt

Who knows this truth thereof?

344: The Lord Unsloughed the Elephant

They lit the Fires Three

The sacrificial blaze roared high;

And from inside it arose

And Elephant of Evil Power,

Whose hide the Lord peeled;

Why the Lord did it, they know not;

Seeking to rival the Lord’s might

The Heaven’s beings performed a sacrifice unholy

And all those who from that fire arose

The Lord smote for the very fire to consume.

345: The Lord Scorched the God of Death

The Kundalini Fire coiled in Muladhara

Upward He coursed it to Hollow on top;

That Fiery Yoga Way He scorched the God of Death

That was at Kadavoor, the holy shrine here below.

346: The Lord Vanquished Kama, the God of Love

The Lord was seated in Yoga

His thoughts stilled in meditation deep;

Lo! there came Kama

To tempt the Lord with shafts of love.

But the Love-God’s wiles, the Lord foiled in Yoga Way;

This He did at Korukkai, the shrine divine.

347: The Benevolent Deeds Of The Lord–

How Sakti Won the Lord

“Of a certain will I espouse

My Lord of Divine Feet” thus saying

As Mountain King’s daughter incarnate

Sakti performed penances severe;

For all celestial beings to witness,

For all earthly beings to delight,

In adoration intense to Primal Lord Divine.

348: The Lord is not Beyond Reach

Mighty is the Lord

The Flying Fortess He destroyed.

Thus despair not

That He is your reach beyond;

Sure is the Lord to seekers true

In them He abideth, Grace abounding.

349: The Lord Blessed Aya and Mal

The Lord is the Primal One,

He is the Light Effulgent;

Seeking Him they went–Aya and Mal

Girdling the boundless oceans

And across the endless aeons;

And to Atchutha He granted the Disc Divine

And to Brahma, Jnana’s Sword Eternal.

350: Lord Blessed Ravana

Of peerless in might and shoulder twenty

Ravana the Giant lifted lofty mount Kailas;

With toe down, the Lord but gently pressed

And lo! the Giant screamed: “Lord Eternal.”

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