Tantra Two in Tirumantiram (Poem from 351-365)

351: The Lord Blessed Chandeswara

Dandi, that knew the way of Hereafter

Heaped sands into linga shape

And poured on it in adoration

The five products of his herd of cows;

His father seeing beat the boy

And kicked his fond image off;

Dandi flew into a blind rage

And smote the parent’s leg with sword;

And lo! the Lord

Bedecked Dandi with His own garland of flowers forever to sport.

352: The Lord is the Refuge of the Heavenly Beings too

Faces drawn in care

Hearts stricken with grief

The Devas together rushed and cried;

“Lord! we bow to You”

And thus they prayed, prostrating low;

And He of Renown unsurpassed said;

“Arise, fear not.”

353: What Befell Celestials at Daksha’s Sacrifice

The Heavenly Father walked in boundless fury

Into the raging blaze of Daksha’s sacrifice,

And lo! as the Lord in wrath rose

Helter-skelter ran the Devas

Deranged in directions all

Their depraved worship unconsummated.

354: What Befell Hari

In a vain attempt to quell

The confusion that ensued

Hari rising bragged:

“Not He, but I am the beginning of things”

And so fell into this world below

A prey to Passion’s consuming fetters;

Then repentant he performed tapas

And the Lord that has no beginning nor end

Bestowed His Grace on him.

355: To Each According to His Desert–the Way of Siva’s

And so it befell at Daksha’s sacrifice,

And so indeed it befell;

A wonder though it be,

Verily that is what there befell;

Thus does the Lord lend His Grace

In the knowledge of each according to his desert.

356: Gods Got What They Deserved

And thus it is with Aya, Mal and the rest of Gods;

And thus it is they came to what they are;

And thus it is that they are there;

And thus does the Lord sit serene within

To reward the heart that daily seeks Him true.

357: The Lord Comes to Those Who Seek Him in Yoga Way

While the heavenly Beings sang of Him

As seated in rapture serene,

He came rushing

To me along the highway of bliss that opened up

As from Muladhara the Kundalini fire shot up

To the crimson spheres of Sahasrara

In the way that is yoga.

358: For Want of Hara’s Grace They Lost All

Lacking Lord’s Grace

Many the high and handsome

That destruction and disfigurement met;

Thus Hari, Brahma, and Daksha

The Sun, Moon and Fire and Indra as well

All these Gods lost

Head, face, nose, hand and shoulder; some limb or other.

359: Self-Seeking Mantra Has Fatal Consequences

If the holy Devas

Who should Upadesa mantra chant,

Instead in self-seeking power evoke

Sacrificial mantras in Japas numberless

That verily will spell

Their own deadly end.

360: The Lord Destroyed Asuras to Protect the Sacrificial Rites
of Devas

The Immortal Many prayed to the Lord;

“O Lord ! protect the nine sacrificial pits

For the holy ones to delight”

And the Lord, who bending His Mountain-bow

Sent forth shafts of fire at Asura’s city

Destroying the evil ones, never to rise again.

361: Repent and Pray; Lord Blesses

Well may the learned in lores waver

But waver not;

Melt in love for our Primal Lord

And you shall have him sure;

He destroyed the unholy sacrifice of Daksha

And yet turning back

As they repented and prayed

He blessed them all,

He our Lord of holy speech.

362: The Lord Blesses the Two Who for Primacy Contended

When the swelling deluge at the end of Time

Swallowed the black mountain tops

Hari and Brahma fought

For primacy contending;

And then from amidst the floods arose

As an immeasurable mountain of Light

The One Lord, manifesting the Truth,

And thus blessing both.

363: The Lord Saved Mortals

And as high amidst the surging flood

The Lord as Flaming Mountain stood

His primacy for the Gods to know

The mortal ones

Powerless to stand the Fire-Mountain’s radiant glow

Rushed to the surging waters in trembling fear;

The Lord then said to them: “Fear not! you shall be saved.”

364: Lord is Ocean of Grace

As the Ocean’s swell subsided;

The ocean of immortals and Devas sang;

“Praised be Our Lord;”

Little do they know

That He who created the ocean and the firmament

Rises beyond to the Ocean of his benignant grace

365: To Quell Rising Tides Lord Placed Primal Fire

The Lord, He creates all

Himself the Being Uncreated

Who is there in the world below

That thinking thus holds Him to heart?

When the oceans ebbed and roared

He placed the Primal Fire to quell the tides;

How compassionate He was

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