Tantra Two (Poem from 381-395)

381: Act of Creation by the Primal One

Paraparam that has neither Beginning nor End,

In pure Consciousness consorted with Paraparai

And in that Light Pure arose Param;

And from union of Param with Parai immaculate

Was Nada born.

382: Creation Continues

Nada united with Bindu

From the union of Nada-Bindu

Was Siva and Sakti born;

From them evoluted the three–

Jnana, Kriya and Iccha;

Iccha then sought union with Bindu.

383: Latent Maya Evolutes

From thence evoluted Maya

Latent in Sakti like lustre in crystal

Mighty its power

Beyond power of speech to recount.

384: Evolution of Maan Sakti–the Substratum of Matter

Away in the far distance of Time

Paraparam and Paraparai conjoined

Then did Nada with Bindu;

And further on Sadasiva with Sakti;

Thus was Maan born

The finite support of elements five

385: Universe of Five Elements–Evolutes

Out of Maan evoluted space

From space, ether

From ether, water

From water, earth’s hard crust;

Thus they formed in succession

The elements five;

They were for the universe

The nectar unto Flower.

386: Sadasiva is the Source of Creation

Sada-Siva, the He-She, creates universe all,

He has sons five

The Holy One that creates universe all

Himself as lotus-seated Brahma

The Creator became.

387: In the Union of Sadasiva with Maan Sakti Blossomed the

The Holy Nandi that is Sadasiva

And the Sakti that devoluted Maan

Together in looks united in full;

And from that union arose the universe

As unto a blossom gently opening.

388: How the Elements Five Evoluted

From Fire emanated water

From Wind emanated light

From Space emanated sound

From Water emanated earth

This the way the elements five evoluted.

389: The Primal One Created the Universe With Brahma and

With Hari who spat out the seven worlds

With Brahma, the four headed maker

The Primal One, the Lord of Celestial Beings

Created, of yore, this universe vast.

390: Creation is an Act of Pure Consciousness by the Primal

The Supreme One aloft the Mount Kailas

With Hari in the ocean bed

And Brahma on the blooming lotus

Created life

By Consciousness Pure.

391: The Primal One is Narayana and Brahma as Well

He is the First Cause,

All-pervasive in love;

He is Vishnu; He is Brahma,

He is Veda, the Cosmos, the Abiding One.

392: As Light Within Brahma, the Primal One Creates

A rare Ruby–He is easy of reach,

The One Lord–He is easy of love,

He is the light within Brahma;

And now I know why the Creator does it easy so.

393: At the Creation the Compassionate One Pervades All Space

Death and birth, the Holy One in Grace ordained;

And in that hour when by His Thought

He Commenced the act of Creation

He fills and pervades in eight directions

He, the Compassionate One.

394: The Lord Animates the Body in Justice

The Immaculate One creates all;

And as He created me too,

He animates within me

A support to the body, an heir to karmic ills;

Verily, the Lord is the Just one.

395: Lord is the Refuge of All Departed Life

In the act of creations

He stands adorning death’s bones and konrai’s blooms,

His resplendent Form out-shines red-hot gold;

A refuge vast of all departed life;

The Lord that performs the act of Becoming.

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