Tantra Two (Poem from 396-410)

396: Creation the Play of He-She

He-and-She commenced play

The play of Two produced all;

With seasons changing, diverse the produce;

When He-and-She in holy union join

Complete be the act of creation.

397: The Three Gods Enter Within Us and Know All

The Lord of universe vast enters within and cognises

So does Hari that wields the Chakra;

And so too Brahma on the lotus flower seated;

They Three stood within

As treasure-heap of cognition all

398: The Five Gods Were Born of Anava Sakti

Out of the union of Anava Sakti with Bindu

The Five Gods were born.

Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Sadasiva and Maheswara.

For the five acts to perform

Creation, preservation, destruction, obscuration and redemption

As One from the other in causative succession;

Born as they were of the Anava Sakti,

Of Anava they were not rid.

399: Creation the Play of the Ultimate

Out of Ichcha of the Saktis three arose Maya;

And Maya in union with Bindu yielded

The rest of Mayas three (Suddha, Asuddha and Prakriti)

(The Bindu was of Nada born)

And Nada was of Parai born;

And all this in the Creative play of Parasiva, the Unltimate.

400: The Five Gods Were the Primal Family for Five Duties to

From out of Anava Sakti

Arose the Primal Family;

Sadasiva was the First Born;

With Him came the brothers

Maheswara, Rudra, Vishnu and Brahma

Each to perform on heaven and earth

His allotted function–Creation, Preservation and the rest.

401: Maya Sakti Born of Bindu Performs the Five Acts

From Bindu by Orderly triangle denoted

The honeyed Sakti Tripurai devoluted;

She it is the Compassionate Sadasiva became;

She it is the five merciful deeds performs.

402: Names of Glories of Maya Sakti

She is Manonmani, the ample-bosomed;

Mangali, the ever auspicious;

Varani of elephant form

Arani of haunting forests

Mohini of tempting beauty

Poorani–the Perfect Being,

Cause-Effect conjoint in one

She, Consciousness beyond Consciousness.

403: One Sadasiva Became Five

Sadsiva that stood as One

Animated Maheswara;

And then Hara, Hari and Brahma,

Thus did the One become the familial Five.

404: Sadasiva Alone Performs the Five Functions

The One alone created the worlds seven;

The One alone spanned the worlds seven;

The One alone survived the worlds seven;

The One alone pervaded body and life.

405: Of Red Lotus Hue is Our Lord!

Of red lotus hue is our Lord!

Of Crimson fire hue is our Lord!

He sundered the chain of births,

That the dark cloud hued Mal in pasa bound,

And to flower-bedecked Maya-Crowd, consigned.

406: Sadasiva is in the Heart of Even Those Who Doubt Him

He is Nandi the Great;

In directions eight,

He is life pervasive;

He brings body and soul together in birth;

Even in the heart of those who doubt Him, He is;

And from there He seeks them;

This I have known Him oft perform.

407: The One Holy Family Performs All

The One Family creates the worlds seven;

The One Family preserves the worlds seven;

The One Family destroys the worlds seven;

The One Family pervades all life and body.

408: The Act of Genesis

The One Lord and the goodly two (Maya Saktis)

Together stirred and Commingled the Family Impure (of matter)

The Two then besought of the Lord:

“What shall we make? Command us, O Lord”

And the Lord Himself then spells them out.

409: He Pervades All Creation as Life Within

And so,

Through creations four and eighty lakhs of species

He filled as life within;

Then men who in doubt ask: How is it?

Are verily to enveloping darkness condemned.

410: Varieties of Creation

The Sun, Moon, Agni and rest of celestials,

The space, air, fire, water and earth

The sound, word, mind andd the like

All these were of Maya born,

In union with Bindu.

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