Tantra Two(Poem from 366-380)

366: The Lord Severed Head of Brahma Who Sinned

Brahma that is seated on the lotus comely

Sauntered in the Lord’s path in manner unseasonable

–The sinful wretch!

The Lord sought Him

And in his severed head gathered alms

In ways the Gods approved.

367: Through Arrogance Mal Lost His Chakra

Filled with arrogance as Guru Supreme

Mal vaunted his egoism about;

Then away flew his heavenly discus,

Atop the Silver Mountains

Of the Lord of Celestial Beings

That created the seven worlds of delight.

368: The Lord Split Power of Chakra

He bestowed on Damodara the divine discus,

But potent far was it for him to hold

And so he prayed to the Lord in fervour

And the Lord split its power in twain.

369: The Lord Split Power of Chakra*

Splitting thus the power of goodly Chakra

One part He gave to Vishnu,

One part He gave to Sakti,

And that part He on His forehead assumed.

370: At Daksha’s Sacrifice Chakra Lost Power

At the crescent-bedecked head of Valiant Lord,

That destroyed the depraved sacrifice of Daksha,

Damodara aimed his discus;

And then the doughty Lord sent forth a sneeze;

And lo! a gusty tempest blew

And down fell discus, powerless against Supreme God.

371: Why The Lord Wears Skull and Bone

He is the Lord of all Celestial Beings,

Who wear bejewelled crowns of dazzling beauty;

But the Lord did bedeck Himself in Skull and Bone

How is it?

If He bears not skull and bone.

Dust unto dust will theirs be.

372: Brahma and Mal Seek His Feet

In ignorance gross, Brahma and Mal

Each bragged Himself as Lord Supreme;

Then as a pillar of Fire the Lord stood before them

And they search and scream

In vain His Feet to behold.

373: But I Knew Lord, By His Grace Abounding

Yet I knew the Lord

Through His Grace abounding;

He who fills the seven heavens

He who stood as Pillar of Fire

The seven worlds pervading,

He of the bejewelled throat.

374: Lord is Omnipresent

The Lord is life, body and consciousness

Fire that enveloped the firmament far

Transcending sun and moon

He pervades the Cosmic space

Holy thus His Form of yore

Support of Universe vast.

375: The Two Saw not His Form Entire

He stood filling Cosmic space

And the two in fear trembled

They went searching His Form entire

The one seeking the crown

The other His Feet

Neither found them.

376: The Two Contended For Primacy

Vishnu, adored of the Devas,

That asked of Mahabali for three feet land

And Brahma

Whom the rishis in hymnal praise please,

The two in ego contended

For primacy to gain.

377: The Lord Animates Within Brahma and Vishnu Also

The four headed God on lotus seated

The comely lord on dark sea sleepeth

They both are of the essence same

Of the One Great who cognises all,

As unto life within the fleshly body.

378: Know God’s Truth and Be Blessed Now

and Hereafter

Know afore

The Truth of Divine flame that enveloped all

And hold fast unto that;

Then may you receive

The sceptre to hold domain over earth

And the Grace to follow in heaven above.

379: Only in Self-Surrender Will the Lord Be Truly Known

The Lord granted the Sword of Protection

To Beings Celestial that prayed to Him

But they know Him not entire

As I who His vassal became;

He granted me Himself

He granted me Bliss

And His Feet’s grace as final prize;

They approach not His Feet thus.

380: Lord Decreed Brahma’s Fate

Inscrutable is the Lord

He defies Time’s infinite vistas;

The four-headed Brahma prayed;

“Do reveal Yourself

And on this bowed head decree my Fate,”

And the Lord,

Surpassing far the dazzle of the sun at end of Time

Revealed Himself as Light Pure.

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