Arulal – Tantra Two (441-450)

441: Life and Death are Acts of God

He is the Wind that Blows in Directions Eight

He is the wavy ocean that girdles the earth,

He is fire, earth and sky;

Know this:

He is the One that binds and unbinds

The body that holds life precious.

442: Lord is the Substance and Architect

Who seeks the luminous Nada atop

And of its sweetness savour

Know of death–no more;

The Lord is the seed of all

Of Sun, Moon and Fire

Of the Universe Vast

That Architect that builds all as well.

443: Potter Fashions as His Fancy Takes

The potter mounts the clay on the wheel

The potter fashions as he conceives

Even as the Potter our Lord Nandi is;

He sways the world, this way and that

The way His Fancy takes.

444: He Dwells in My Thoughts

He is Lord Supreme;

He has bull for His mount;

Mighty demons for army;

Boundless is His munificience

He gifts the world for us;

His goodness alone is goodness;

He is of matted locks;

He dwells in my thoughts.

445: In Love, He Created

In fondness for us He created the seven worlds,

In fondness for us He created the several aeons

In fondness for us He created the five elements;

In fondness for us He created this body and breath.

446: God Created All, Himself the Param Uncreated

Of yore He created worlds seven

Of yore He created celetials countless

Of yore He created species numberless

He who of yore created all

Himself stood as Primal Param uncreated.

447: He Who Created, Sustained As Well

The Primal One created the elements five;

The Primal One created the endless aeons past;

The Primal One created the countless heavenly beings,

The Primal One created and sustained as well.

448: The Pervasive Siva is Here as Well

The infinite spaces of the Seven worlds

He filled in oneness, expanding limitless

Yet is He not easy of reach;

Siva Himself into myriad Jivas pervaded

In this worlds as well, He our Lord.

449: He is the Object of All Knowledge

He is the light within

He is the body without

The precious object, beloved of immortals above,

The Holy Form, adored of saintly beings below,

He is the pupil of your eyes;

He the Object of all Knowledge.

450: The Lord Pervades All in Partiality to None

His is the Cosmic Form that none know

He is the infinite space that fills the universe;

He is the space in the tiny pot too;

Inseparable as water in milk

He pervades all in union close;

Impartial indeed His Goodness;

Unwearied His bliss–I knew.

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