Darshan Of Downward-looking Face (520-525)

520: Manifestation of Downward-looking Face

“Hail our Lord! Our God!

Deathly is might of Padmasura

Save us, help, oh!”

Thus did Celestials to Primal Lord pray!;

And the Primal Lord to the Six-faced God

Of coral hue beckoned;

And said, “Proceed and smite the enemy.”

521: Blue Throat of Downward-looking Face

He sports the garland of white skulls,

His spreading locks are matted;

He supports Universe vast,

He fills Space in directions eight,

On the throat of His Downward-directed Face

Darkness suffuses;

They say, “He swallowed poison;”

They are ignorant, they know not truth.

522: The Truth of Lord’s Blue-Throat
Ye men!

Who in this sea-girt globe live

In falsehood and flattery!

Why His throat gleams dark,

He knows who made it so;

When you realize the truth

He will make,

Celestial beings bow to you.

523: The Downward-Looking Face is of Sadasiva

Inside Primal Fire that is Siva

Nandi rises in the centre, gleaming

He pervads worlds all,

His hue is of the twilight sun

Who the world in glory ambulates,

He is the Lord of the Downward-looking Face–

524: The Face Creates All

The Ancient One of Athomukha

Created Universe vast here below;

In Athomukha He animates all life;

He is Lord of Athomukha Sakti of lotus eye;

He is Lord of Aeons’ End.

525: It Blossomed Into a Hundred Worlds and Impregnated

Them With Energy

Hearken to this,

How Athomukha blossomed into a Gigantic Flower

Then, it transformed itself into a hundred worlds;

And into Limitless Energy

Animating them;

And then as Athomukha,

The Lord remained as their Support as well.

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