Destruction in Tantra Two (420-430)

421: Fire is Lord’s Shaft

With fire, the Lord burnt all Space

With fire, the Lord burnt the Oceans,

With fire, the Lord burnt the Asuras

Fire, verily, is the Lord’s shaft on hand.

422: Three are His Layas

Three are His layas–the moments of Repose

Of them one, karpandha–the end of aeons,

I witnessed;

All things fell uprooted in the destruction

This orb then was unto a boiling rice pot

Its mountains and valleys alike burnt to ashes.

423: The Fire Spreads

The earth on which we tread

The snow-clad mountains eight.

The seven seas whose ebbing tides roar,

Over all these and else

The Fire that resides in Muladhara spreads;

And the spreading conflagration turned

Earth and sky seem alike;

–This the truth, imagination none.

424: The Fire Spreads to the Seas Also

From aloft the cloud laden mountains

She descended–

The benign river Ganga;

Into the earth the waters seeped

In directions eight,

Emptying itself eventually

Into the deep pit that is the Ocean,

That Constant sings the praise of Lord

With Chant of “Aum”

–That Ocean too the fire gulped in fury.

425: Four Forms of Death

Four are the forms of death

Daily death is the state of sense loss in sleep;

Fated Death is no-return to waking;

Pure Death is when the Soul reacheth inertia;

Redeemed Death is being in Lord’s Grace True.

426: What Transpires in the Four Deaths

In Daily Death, are bodies gross and subtle transcended;

In Fated Death, is the Mayaic body annihilated;

In Pure Death, Mind and cognates merge in Infinite

In Redemption Death, Siva’s Grace descends true.

427: Four Forms of Death

When but birth–impediment uprooted,

Daily Death is unto Fated Death

And Fated Death unto Pure Death

And Pure Death unto Redemption Death

In that alone is the Truth–Jiva becoming Siva.

428: Thus Four are the Deaths

Thus are Deaths Four;

The Daily Death in deep Sleep;

The Fated Death that gives the soul a longer rest;

The Pure Death that puts the Soul in primal quiescence;

The Redemption Death that steeps the Soul in Lord’s Grace.

429: Void the Beginning and End

Out of Void, a plant (soul) it sprang,

To the Void it returns;

Yet shall it not be Void again;

In that Void, exhausted, it shall die;

That the fate of Hari and Brahma too,

Who the holocaust of Samhara survive not.

430: Scorch Your Karmas

Scorch the gathering Karmas

And exhaust them;

There is One who annihilates them

And the city where He does it

He fashioned the body, He pervades everywhere.

He placed the Mind and cognate tattva group besides,

He gave us Wisdom ample to discriminate.

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