Holy Waters & The Holy Temple (509-519)

Holy Waters (509-514)

509: The Holy Waters are Within Us

Within this body are many Holy Waters;

They take not gentle dips in them

And drive Karma away;

Vainly do they roam hill and dale,

Witless men of confused mind they are!

510: Lord Abides in Jnana Thought

To them who love Him dear,

The Lord will appear delicious cool;

To them steeped in worldly pleasures,

He will appear never;

To Yogis who breath control;

But sure does He

In thoughts abide,

Of Jnanis, who doubt-free see.

511: Men of False Faith do not See Lord Within

The Lord is within them,

Yet they know Him not,

They of faith false;

Limitless the flow of their evil deeds;

Down down the deep drain it goes,

Never its destination to know.

512: Bathe in Ganga and Be Purified

They who adore Him,

Reach His heavenly abode;

Thus it is,

Immortals know Primal Lord;

Bathe in pellucid waters of Sacred Ganga

That from Lord’s crest here descend;

You shall holy become,

Saved of impurities sinful.

513: Seek not Lord Elsewhere; He is Within Thee

They dropped gold in sea,

And looked hard for it in pond;

Nothing indeed to match their folly;

Within you is Nandi,

Firm as rock of ages,

Yet they know Him not, and seek Him not

Lacking in Grace, they sure are.

514: Water Within Forms Vital Body Constituent

Water that mixes in body, black urine becomes,

Water that mixes in body, red blood becomes

Water that mixes in body, white semen becomes,

Water that primal arose,

Land, wind and rest of elements became.

The Holy Temple (515-519)

515: Dangers of Transplanting Linga

Let them beware who transplant

A Linga at a Shrine ‘stablisthed;

Even before the transplant is completed,

The Kingdom will to disaster fall;

And disease fell chased culprit to sure death;

Thus did He declare,

Nandi, the Divine Protector.

516: Dangers of Destruction to Temple

As they move away,

A single stone from temple wall

That shall spell the Crowned King’s ruin;

Be he a sage, be he one learned in Vedas,

Sure the crisis; certain the ruin;

–So Ordained Lord.

517: Dangers of Skipping Performance of Puja

Rains fail; epidemics spread;

The mighty king his prowess loses;

All this sure happens,

If worship in Lord’s temples falters,

–The Lord who spurned the very God of Death.

518: Dangers of Puja Ceasing

When in Siva’s temple worship ceases,

Harm befalls the ruler;

Scanty the rains;

Theft and robbery abound in land,

Thus did my Holy Nandi declare.

519: Puja to be Performed Only by Qualified Priests

If he is but a priest in name

Who, Lord’s worship performs,

Deathly wars rage in fury

Fell diseases spread;

Famine stalks land–

Thus did goodly Nandi in truth declare.

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