Karu Urpatti – Tantra Two (451-470)

451: God Creates From Within the Womb

He conjoins the tattvas five and twenty

That in life past departed from me;

To my dear life awaken;

Thus He creates, seated within the globular womb

He the Primal One creates

Knowing what I am to be.

452: The Lord Grants Breath and the Child is Born

Above the Muladhara

The Kundalini fire abides;

There in the water-filled womb

The infant lay, its tiny feet entangled;

That the sweet life in patience waiting

Its onward course may seek,

He ordained, releasing the Pranas ten.

453: The Course of Life Was Ordained at Time of Union

When parents two in pleasure united,

Then was ordained, this body,

The sorrow-house of vexing pasa;

When that is to be,

At that hour of union, He ordained;

He, the Heavenly Lord.

454: Through That Union Entered the 25 Tattvas to Make the
Infant Body

They who birth’s finale saw,

Alone knew how purusha,

Of Tattvas five and twenty

The body Corporeal entered;

None else know,

That which sought woman’s birth-pit,

In form twain, rushed within

455: The Tattvas Remained in the Forehead of the Foetus

The penis pierced; the vagina opened,

And together they rushed in

The Tattvas in groups of Five–

The Elements Five,

The tanmatras Five,

The sense organs Five gross,

And the Five Subtle,

And cognising organs four–Mind, Intellect, Will and Egoity

And in the Centre of Forehead they all lay, concealed.

456: Prana Enters Jiva at Birth

As unto when flower blossoms, the breeze spreads fragrance,

In spaces all around

So does Prana over Jiva extend,

Gently unfolding at the time destined.

457: The Lord Drives in the Tattvas into the Infant Body

The eight constituents of body subtle

That ultimately leave,

The eight and ten Tattvas that sneak in,

With Purusha in them immersed

The orifices nine,

The Kundalini that serpent-like coils,

The life-breath twelve-finger breadth long,

–If these, the Divine Charioteer drives not in,

Verily may the infant be less than human (say, pig).

458: The Child With the Three Gunas in Balance is Fit for

When in sex union,

The male flow in force dominates

The infant is born with Tamasic qualities of Rudra;

When the flow in reverse is,

The Sattvic quality of Hari dominates;

When the two in balance flow,

The Rajasic quality of Brahma prevailes;

He is to kingship born

In whom Gunas three proportionate sway.

459: Into the Foetus Mayaic Mind was Placed

There two in accord united;

And from their vital flows

Emerged the infant form;

But when into it Jiva,

Who in myriad bodies has dwelt of yore,

Now entered,

Lo! it is dominated by Mind;

Maya subtle pervades it.

460: Jiva Gets Consciousness and Desires

There in the pregnant womb,

The soul lay in Primordial quiescence (Turiya State)

From that State Maya and Her tribe aroused it;

And conferred Consciousness;

And Maya’s evolutes eight–Desires and the rest,

Thus say scriptures, holy and true.

461: How the Body is Fashioned

With skeletal bones He erected the frame;

With tendons circuitous He fastened it;

With blood and flesh He cemented it;

Thus did Lord fashion this body-mansion,

For dear life to dwell

Him I seek forth, endearment increasing.

462: The Lord Contains the Fire in Muladhara

He is milky white in hue,

Effulgent is He unto the sun;

He is benignant;

He pervades the entire body

And diffuses His tenderness;

He contained the rage of fire in Muladhara

This He ordained, in ways diverse.

463: The Lord Preserves the Foetus

Even the day, ruinous Karma trailed after Jiva,

He designed ways of preservation numerous;

He surrounded the foetus with water

Kept it safe from burning Muladhara Fire,

He drew charmed circles eddying,

Around the budding life, from Pasa harassing

And so preserved it safe and cool.

464: Breathing and Size of Infant

The Silvery semen welled up

And met the vaginal flow, alike surging,

And lo! then was born the infant

Inhaling eight and exhaling four

Finger-length of breath,

And measuring eight finger-span

Of its own tiny palm.

465: Body of 25 Tattvas

In to the union, the Holy One entered;

Gathering Tattvas five and twenty

Fashioned the (five)-sheathed body;

Munificient indeed was his gift!

A veritable Bundle of Desire He made.

466: After Death, Senses End With Body; Jiva Ends in Nada

The five senses with their foolish ways

Are in this body born;

And there they subside;

So does Jiva

That permeates macrocosm

Surely subside in Nada.

467: The 35 Tattvas Introduced

As on to a leaf-like device

He mounted my life;

And there;

With balance like precision planted,

Subtle senses five;

And other Tattvas thirty;

And thus fashioned a body;

A steaming cauldron with openings nine.

468: Lord Creates

In union’s rapture they kneaded the clay

For Him to fashion sorrow’s tenement;

The kiln burnt, the pitcher emerged,

With channels nine and Tattvas eighteen.

469: Lord Placed the Six Adharas

You know not the six centers within;

You realise not the great good that wells therein;

You seek not the Siddhis within them;

Know this,

The fleshy body is but of ten senses made

470: Lord Placed Divine Jnana in Cranium

He fashioned this body,

Into that body He breathed life;

And set gates nine;

And then into the lotus-like cranium

He lit the Fire (of Divine Jnana),

The Lord made these,

And Him I salute in endearment intense.

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