Sustenance in Tantra Two(411-420)

411: The Spirit Pervades All

As Light and Darkness, He pervaded,

As Fame and Blemish, He pervaded,

As Body and Life, He pervaded,

As my constant thought, He pervaded.

412: He is the Totality

Himself as space and celstials stands,

Himself as body, life, and matter stands,

Himself as sea, hill, and dale stands,

Himself–all worlds’ Lord Supreme.

413: The True Way

As body, life, and world,

As sea, cloud and cloud-laden sky,

Permeating all, indestructible and continuous

The Lord stands in Majesty

The True way that never closes.

414: Sadasiva is in the Heart of Even Those Who Doubt Him

He is Nandi the Great;

In directions eight,

He is life pervasive;

He brings body and soul together in birth;

Even in the heart of those who doubt Him, He is;

And from there He seeks them;

This I have known Him oft perform.

415: Lord is Diverse

At the end of aeons,

Once He stands as Pure Light,

Once as the tempestuous typhoon,

Once as incessant rain,

Once as Vishu, floating on the deluge.

416: He Stands in Divine Love

As love, wisdom and meekness He stands,

As pleasure and pleasureable union He stands,

As Time’s Beginning and End He stands,

As Five elements filled He stands in love divine.

417: He Fashions Things Big and Small

Himself fashions worlds all in detail minute

Himself fashions life, conferring birth

Himself fashions things big and small

–The cauldron, the pitcher and the pot

Himself He fashions these and more

–He the Architect Almighty.

418: He is Nandi

He is Life within; He is the body corporeal;

He is Spirit Pure; He is space Infinite;

He is Light Radiant; He is Consciousness inside;

Animating life in the body

He supports me;

–He is Nandi.

419: He Supports All Worlds

A miracle indeed it is

To sustain the myriad lives in the Universe;

Not less so,

When after total destruction

He draws them unto Himself;

He supports too

That Seventh World

The Path of yoga leads to.

420: He Grants Immortal Body to Those Who Seek Him in Love

Well may you seek Him

Through rituals before fires,

Distant only shall He be;

Seek Him in yearning love

Bend low on the ground

Hanker after Him life after life,

The great One Shall Grant you the body immortal.

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