The Three Categories Of Jivas (492-500)

492: Play of Sakti-Siva Infuses Divine Spirit

Out of Sakti-Siva Play

Life blossomed;

And Jiva who was in pure Kevala state

Of Turiya quiescence

Was freed and consigned to the folds of Maya,

And the Lord then entered Jiva’s thought

And suffused his being with Divine Spirit.

493: The Three Categories From Ten Classes

Vignanars true are of groups four

Pralayakalas are of three;

Sakalars below are another three

Thus are Jivas grouped, ten in all.

494: The Four Classes of Vijnars

Vijnanakalars are of classes four;

Those who are in Kevala (Anava) state,

Next are those who are Self-realised;

Those who reached the state of Eight Vidyeswaras,

And finally are those who rank as the Seven Crores of Manthra Nayakas;

Those who are of Egoity Impure rid

Are the truly realised beings (no more are they Jivas).

495: The Three Classes of Pralaya Kalas

Of the Pralayakalars three,

Are those who Mukti attained;

Another, by malas twine (Egoity and Karma) bound;

Yet another, the Rudras Hundred and Eight;

The Sakalas have all malas three.

496: The Three Classes of Sakalas

Sakalas three are:

Those who have attained Siddhis miraculous,

Those who have attained Mukti (Jivan)

Those who have attained neither

–All powerless to conquer Malas three

And in sound and other senses immersed.

497: Stages of Attainment in Mala Riddance

They who are of five malas hard rid,

Themselves Siva become;

They blemishless become,

They become Siddhas,

Attain state of Mukti Finale,

They uproot Jiva’s bondage,

End cycle of births;

They alone are,

Who truth of peerless Tattvas realised.

498: Nine Gradations of Jivas

Vijnanakalas are of gradations three;

Those who in quiescent Anava alone abides; (the Pralayakala among Vijnanas)

So are Pralayakalas of gradations three;

And Sakalas too;

Thus are there nine classes of Jivas,

Evolving in gradations separate.

499: How Sakalas Among Vijnanakalas Attain Siva-State

Vijnanakalas may by karma assume form corporeal;

But by performing holy deeds,

Acquire Celestial frame

And higher Jnana Form;

And Constant striving thus,

Gain wisdom perennial

And in the end Siva Himself become.

500: How Jivas Reach Siva

Rid themselves of Anava entire

And consciousness lost of all Jiva memory,

They Bindu and Nada become,

The highest heavenly goal

Of one-ness with Siva Tattva;

Albeit all three, Sakala and the rest of yore possessed,

The primal impurities triple,

Anava, Maya and Karma.

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