The Worthy & Unworthy Souls (501-508)

The Worthy Souls (501-504)

501: Give Freely to Sivajnanis

Give a wee bit to Sivajnani,

You shall attain Siddhi, Mukti and heavenly bliss;

Give a world of gold to the witless,

You shall become poor losing all joys.

502: Lord’s Devotees are Elevated Souls

Death waits for the moment due

And seizes lives;

But the Lord seizes Death’s life;

Such indeed, His Prowess is;

He blesses all who know Him true;

They who sought Him, immortals became.

503: Lord’s Feet are unto a Self-Effulgent Lamp

I gave Him not up even while in womb;

I forgot not the truth of His holy Feet;

I gave up falsehood and sought them;

The Feet of Lord of matted locks

Are a Lamp no oil feeds.

504: Lord does Things Appropriate to Those of Tender Love

Those that are destined to be

Let them be;

Those that are destined not to be

Let them not be;

Those that are destined to go

Let them go;

Those that are destined to come

Let them Come;

The Mighty Nandi shows all

And witnesses all

All things appropriate,

He does

To those of tender love for Him.

The Unworthy Souls (505-508)

505: Giving to Unworthy is Undesirable

Well may you tender her;

And with fresh grass feed her,

The barren cow can no milk give;

Even so is giving

Unto those who neither good nor holy are;

Unto a crop they are,

Raised in season improper.

506: Do not Give to Those Who Have no Love for God

Give only unto those

Who follow the way of Yoga, Iyama, and Niyama,

And who adore Lord, in constancy abiding;

To give those who have no love for God,

A heinous crime, indeed it is.

507: He Who Gives to Sivajnanis will Become a Jnani

He who gives to Gods, Guru,

And the Goodly ones

Who are of passions rid,

Will a Jnani become,

Imparting Jnana appropriate to disciples several;

For him is not the burning hell,

That is destined for perpetrators

Of deadly sins five,

Who know not consequences dire.

508: Do not Give to Unworthy; the Giver and the Receiver Both
Reach Hell

You may give away wealth

As massive as a mountain;

Yet if you give it

To those that adore not our Lord,

You shall with them reach

The Seventh Hell of ineffable pain.

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