Abuse Of Siva & Abuse of Guru (526-536)

Abuse Of Siva

526: Abuse of Siva Brings Misery

Those who have Jnana attained,
Rid of all doubts in their thoughts
Seek Him in love intense
Shall reach the World of Celestials;
If the low-born think any the less of Him,
Dismal indeed is their fate–
Unto the parrot in cat’s claw.

527: Adore Lord and Attain Jnana

The Devas and Asuras wasted their lives
And finally died;
They attained not Jnana true;
They alone can attain Truth
Who adore Primal Lord in devotion intense.

528: Abuse not Siva Even in Fun

They defied the Lord,
Devas and Asuras,
And they defied themselves one another
And destruction met;
However little, defy not Lord,
Not even for fun,
They snow-ball, one into ten.

529: Dare not Forget Lord However Holy

Learned are they in Vedic lore;
Knowing God is within them,
They bethought themselves to be God
And Plunged into pleasures distracting
Forgetting all thought of God.

Abuse Of Guru

530: The True Disciples are Blessed

The lowly ones
Care not for their parents,
They abuse their kith and kin in words foul
Only those who take to the way of Guru learned,
Are in truth blessed,
None else indeed.

531: Consequences of Abusing Guru

The Guru taught the wisdom
Of One-Letter mantra (Aum);
He who speaks derisive of Him
Will be born a lowly Cur;
And having led a dog’s life for a Yuga entire,
He will be a worm born;
And then to dust shall be consigned.

532: Consequences of Abusing the Good

The virtuous wife, devotee true, and Jnani Great
Those who have done exceeding harm to shock them
Their life and wealth will in a year disappear,
True this is,
Upon Holy Nandi, I swear.

533: Do not Abuse Guru

Those who wounded feelings,
Of Holy Guru who taught,
The One-lettered mantra, “AUM”
Will be a dog born,
And after a hundred dog incarnations
Will die a human out-caste.

534: Harm to World by Maltreatment of Gurus

If Gurus who are devout of God
Are caused pain in heart
The country, people and their greatness
Will all as one destroyed be;
The thrones of heavenly king Indra,
And of kings mighty here below,
Will alike Crumble down;
Sure This is,
I swear by our Nandi true.

535: Do not Utter False-hood in Gurus Presence

Utter not falsehood in holy Guru’s presence;
Then will goodness and wisdom depart;
Forgotten will be,
The time-honoured path of righteousness,
And all else that to prosperity leads;
The land a prey to famine falls.

536: Jnana Guru is the Real Guru

Who will throw away the precious Gem in hand
And carry a heavy stone instead?
Who will part with milk, curd and ghee on hand
And prefer the bitter poison, fatal?
Such indeed are the Gurus of Karma path;
Will they ever with Jnani compare?

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