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Tirumular The living consciousness

Tamil research scholars and Saivite research experts found the Tirumular’s time and his contribution of Tirumantiram with the supporting documents from Oriental Research Institute and Library Tiruvananthapuram, Government Oriental Manuscript library Chennai, Thanjavur Saraswathi Mahal Library, French national library (Bibliotheque Nationale de France) Paris, French Institue of Pondichery and Tamilnadu Saivite mutt libraries. But here we never refer to or authenticate the time and century of Tirumular, because the Tirumular consciousness still revolves in the galaxy. Tirumular documented in a hymn that his name was Sundaraanathar in his pre-birth. He felt deep meditation and trance in many decades under the holy feet of Aathi yogi, the creator in the space of Sivakalam, done penance, received many cosmic communications.

Later in his spiritual journey to Tamil Nadu, Sundaraanathar is transmigrated as Mulan and he reached Thiruvavuduthurai where he did penance under a peepal tree and attained trance and cosmic bliss. Through his deep meditation, he went beyond the galaxy and found the “Orion-con stellation as God’s kingdom by astral-travel. He received many cosmic secrets and documented them “Satha Siva-aagamam or Thiru mantira maalai” in Tamil, later named Tirumantiram. Through his inner journey, Tirumular found his own experience that God resides within every human in the name of SIVA, Nanthi, Nathan, Aathma, and God’s particle. It is believed by many enlightened sages, that after the compilation of Holy Tirumantiram, Tirumu lar reached Chidambaram and merged with dancing Sivathere. Tamil Sittha-man Dalam is ever-living cosmic consciousness in the galaxy where Tirumular is the spiritual emperor.

About the Author


Thank you for your great support of entering Tirumular consciousness. The cosmic treasure you are having in your hands. I, M. Namasivayam, author of this book would like to share the history, how this book came to you.

When I worked with Tamil Nadu Archives and Historical Research Department, Chennai, Egmore as Librarian (1983 – 2009). In 1999, I was advised to learn meditation for my medical ailment of inner turbulence and stress. I learned the yoga-meditation with physical exercises in Chennai and practiced the methodology every day at my home, as per instruction. Daily I felt the inner vibrations in my brow-chakra and attained trance which took me beyond the galaxy and saw some new places in the Samadhi state of mind, received many spirit-art pictures day-by-day. The next day cosmic spirit forced me to draw what I received the day before and compiled a hand-drawn manuscript.

My library is the Tamilnadu Historical Research Institute where colonial records, Government gazette, and confidential data are preserved. Many research scholars, students, and experts from all over India often visit for their data collection. I used to show my hand-drawn pictures to some visiting experts and one day a visiting sadhu after seen my pictures advised me to read Tirumantiram. Then I immediately went thru the Tirumular’s Tirumantiram.

Some Tirumantira hymns came to my mind and indicated that those pictures have a connection with Tirumantiram then I coined some hymns with each picture, guided by cosmic links. Later, I sowed these hand-drawn pictures in many social network blogs for further deep studies of the younger generation.

Thus 240 cosmic communications are deciphered by my deep meditative mood and my health condition was improved and I became energized. In 2015 Tirumu lar Trust approached and requested me to compile all the pictures in a book form. Here is the story of “Cosmic Secrets: A journey with mystic Tirumular with 210 pictures on Tirumantiram. There I confirmed that Tirumular also did astral travel thru his deep samadhi-state, visualized 3000 astral akashic records which made him astonished and he documented the truth (cosmic bliss) in the Tamil language called Tirumantiram and Tirumular with his blessing allowed me to decipher 240 pictures from his 3000 hymns.

This is not a mere literal translation but what my inner vision deciphered in transcendental meditation with Tirumular and Tirumantiram, here I carved. In the future, people from all over the world may further do research on this subject thru deep meditation with the spiritual quest in association with Tirumular Trust, and book editor. I wholeheartedly thank them for this great book mission into leading world languages to the upcoming generation for the next practice.

With love and blessings
M. Namasivayam

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