Abuse Of Siva & Abuse of Guru (526-536)

Abuse Of Siva 526: Abuse of Siva Brings Misery Those who have Jnana attained,Rid of all doubts in their thoughtsSeek Him in love intenseShall reach the World of Celestials;If the low-born think any the less of Him,Dismal indeed is their fate–Unto the parrot in cat’s claw. 527: Adore Lord and Attain Jnana The Devas and […]

Darshan Of Downward-looking Face (520-525)

520: Manifestation of Downward-looking Face “Hail our Lord! Our God! Deathly is might of Padmasura Save us, help, oh!” Thus did Celestials to Primal Lord pray!; And the Primal Lord to the Six-faced God Of coral hue beckoned; And said, “Proceed and smite the enemy.” 521: Blue Throat of Downward-looking Face He sports the garland […]

Holy Waters & The Holy Temple (509-519)

Holy Waters (509-514) 509: The Holy Waters are Within Us Within this body are many Holy Waters; They take not gentle dips in them And drive Karma away; Vainly do they roam hill and dale, Witless men of confused mind they are! 510: Lord Abides in Jnana Thought To them who love Him dear, The […]

The Worthy & Unworthy Souls (501-508)

The Worthy Souls (501-504) 501: Give Freely to Sivajnanis Give a wee bit to Sivajnani, You shall attain Siddhi, Mukti and heavenly bliss; Give a world of gold to the witless, You shall become poor losing all joys. 502: Lord’s Devotees are Elevated Souls Death waits for the moment due And seizes lives; But the […]

The Three Categories Of Jivas (492-500)

492: Play of Sakti-Siva Infuses Divine Spirit Out of Sakti-Siva Play Life blossomed; And Jiva who was in pure Kevala state Of Turiya quiescence Was freed and consigned to the folds of Maya, And the Lord then entered Jiva’s thought And suffused his being with Divine Spirit. 493: The Three Categories From Ten Classes Vignanars […]

Karu Urpatti – From 471 To 491

471: Lord Creates Life From Primal Seed of Causation The Lord is Limitless Light; He kindles all life from Primal Womb; He stirrs the liquid-seed of Causation; He endows it with form expansive; Him I seek in heaven and earth. 472: Body’s Impermanence In the union of sexes opposite The light of life is born […]

Karu Urpatti – Tantra Two (451-470)

451: God Creates From Within the Womb He conjoins the tattvas five and twenty That in life past departed from me; To my dear life awaken; Thus He creates, seated within the globular womb He the Primal One creates Knowing what I am to be. 452: The Lord Grants Breath and the Child is Born […]

Arulal – Tantra Two (441-450)

441: Life and Death are Acts of God He is the Wind that Blows in Directions Eight He is the wavy ocean that girdles the earth, He is fire, earth and sky; Know this: He is the One that binds and unbinds The body that holds life precious. 442: Lord is the Substance and Architect […]

Obscuration in Tantra Two (430-440)

431: He is Within You Yet You Know Him Not He is the One within; He is the Light within; He moves not a wee bit from within He and your heart are thus together, Though, the heart His Form knows not. 432: The Lord Gave This Life The Lord who gave life so sweet […]

Destruction in Tantra Two (420-430)

421: Fire is Lord’s Shaft With fire, the Lord burnt all Space With fire, the Lord burnt the Oceans, With fire, the Lord burnt the Asuras Fire, verily, is the Lord’s shaft on hand. 422: Three are His Layas Three are His layas–the moments of Repose Of them one, karpandha–the end of aeons, I witnessed; […]

Sustenance in Tantra Two(411-420)

411: The Spirit Pervades All As Light and Darkness, He pervaded, As Fame and Blemish, He pervaded, As Body and Life, He pervaded, As my constant thought, He pervaded. 412: He is the Totality Himself as space and celstials stands, Himself as body, life, and matter stands, Himself as sea, hill, and dale stands, Himself–all […]

Tantra Two (Poem from 396-410)

396: Creation the Play of He-She He-and-She commenced play The play of Two produced all; With seasons changing, diverse the produce; When He-and-She in holy union join Complete be the act of creation. 397: The Three Gods Enter Within Us and Know All The Lord of universe vast enters within and cognises So does Hari […]

Tantra Two (Poem from 381-395)

381: Act of Creation by the Primal One Paraparam that has neither Beginning nor End, In pure Consciousness consorted with Paraparai And in that Light Pure arose Param; And from union of Param with Parai immaculate Was Nada born. 382: Creation Continues Nada united with Bindu From the union of Nada-Bindu Was Siva and Sakti […]

Tantra Two(Poem from 366-380)

366: The Lord Severed Head of Brahma Who Sinned Brahma that is seated on the lotus comely Sauntered in the Lord’s path in manner unseasonable –The sinful wretch! The Lord sought Him And in his severed head gathered alms In ways the Gods approved. 367: Through Arrogance Mal Lost His Chakra Filled with arrogance as […]

Tantra Two in Tirumantiram (Poem from 351-365)

351: The Lord Blessed Chandeswara Dandi, that knew the way of Hereafter Heaped sands into linga shape And poured on it in adoration The five products of his herd of cows; His father seeing beat the boy And kicked his fond image off; Dandi flew into a blind rage And smote the parent’s leg with […]

Tantra Two in Tamil Classic Tirumantiram (337-350)

337: The Lord Corrects the Earth’s Balance Through Agastya “Hail! Our Lord Supreme! This earthly orb from its epicentre sways, And dangerous on its side swerves” Thus they bewailed, the Beings Celestial And the Lord spoke: “Agastya! You that sit in tapas hard Amidst the blazing sacrifice–fire Hasten to the globe’s swerving side And there […]

Non-learning, Middle Path & Abstaining From Drink (310-336)

Non-learning (310-319) 310: The Unlearned are they Who hold not to Truth Even the unlearned, if blessed with the vision of Truth Supreme, Them the Lord approves with His benign Eye of Grace; But if the learned seeming fail to hold the truth, Unlearned are they indeed, blind to True Love’s divine rays. 311: Unlearned […]

Learning, Listening And Thus Containing (290-309)

Learning (290-299) 290: True Learning Leads to Liberation The meaning I knew of life and body in union knit; In the depth of my being I knew of the Lord of Devas untold; Denying naught, He stept straight into my yearning heart; Thus I gained the Learning Great, freeing us from fleshly fold. 290: True […]

Siva Knows Those Who Love Him (280-289)

280: Lord Rewards as Merit Befits What we scorned and what we gained, He knows; The righteous Lord in Love rewards as merit befits; Whose, with burning zeal, seek Him with heart of love To such, well-pleased, He His Grace remits. 281: Lord Blends Life With Love The Lord fashioned all things for a life […]


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