Cosmic Sutra

Sri Sammara Beedam

Fear, Enmity, and Anger

Fear, enmity, and anger are like hot dark clouds. lt darkens the mind. Spoils its Journey and hides the path. Like how At a peak noontime, suddenly, In a split of a second, a Dark the cloud blocks the sun, darkens the place, brings Heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and finally leaves Everyone shaken with fear. But As soon as a cold air touches that heated cloud, its tears start to subsides drop by drop and finally drives the darkness away. Same away, Our Heated mind is like this dark cloud. Keeping it cool is the only medicine. But don’t fight or argue with the related person. Stay calm and cool. Neglect seeing small mistakes in them, don’t blame anyone, Be prepared to make sacrifices, Be ready to lose, anticipate and accept anything at any time. Never refuse what is given to you. Don’t ask for more. Stay with fulfilled mindset, look at everything as Shiva and stay in the divine consciousness Always. This is the advice for the mind because Good Namasivaya dwells within you.

Level 1-Meditation using secret mantra

This secret mantra will help you to realize the god in you if you practice it heart fully. If you are a vegetarian, it is great and you will start realizing the benefits quickly. If you are a non-vegetarian this mantra will change you slowly to a vegetarian as you will start loving all the creation of the divine creator.

108 vasi Siva siththam

482 vasi siva siththam

703 vasi siva siththam

வசி சிவா சித்தம்..703 vasi siva siththam. மூலமந்திரம்.

The Chidambaram Rahasya Sutra

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