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How many tantra's are in Tirumantiram?


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The Tirumantiram is divided into nine chapters, 9 tantras (tantrums);

  1. Philosophical views and divine experience, impermanency of the physical body, love, education, etc.
  2. Shiva’s glory, His divine acts, classification of souls, etc.
  3. Yoga practices according to the eight-angled way of Patanjali. Also refers to Vaasi Yoga
  4. Mantra, tantra, etc.
  5. Various branches of Saiva religion; the four elements of Shaiva Siddhanta.
  6. Shiva as guru bestowing grace and the devotee’s responsibility.
  7. Shiva linga, Shiva worship, self-control.
  8. The stages of soul experience.
  9. Panchadsara manthiram, Shiva’s dance, the state of samadhi, etc.
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