Obscuration in Tantra Two (430-440)

431: He is Within You Yet You Know Him Not

He is the One within; He is the Light within;

He moves not a wee bit from within

He and your heart are thus together,

Though, the heart His Form knows not.

432: The Lord Gave This Life

The Lord who gave life so sweet

Imprisoned me in pasas miseries;

A skeletal frame He fashioned,

With flesh and skin He clothed it;

Lighting then the spark of life

To annihilation He hastened me.

433: Even the Three Gods do not Know the Mystery of Life

With Hara, Hari and Brahma assembling

The Primal Lord fashioned this body,

The subtle organs of sense built-in;

Why the Holy One did it,

The three know not the mystery.

434: Adore and Attain

The Lord is the light of our eyes

He loves us

He is the Primal One

–Male, Female and Neuter is He;

Tongues praising and hearts melting,

They seek not the path

That leads to the Celestial Lake.

435: He Dispels the Darkness Within

The Primal Lord blesses all

Denizens of earth below and heaven above;

From the black chamber of the Soul

He dispells darkness;

And within radiates the pure rays of His dazzling light.

436: Dispel Darkness and Give Thine Light

Lord! Your Form fills all the worlds

Yet You are invisible;

How my eyes long to see You!

My senses clamour aloud

In desire contending;

Save me, my Lord;

And bless me with Your grace inscrutable.

437: The Hidden One Will Reveal Himself

I held my Lord in me concealed,

I adored Him in my heart’s depths,

Lo! He revealed Himself unto me

And blessed me–here below,

Well may you adore Him

Revealing the rapture abounding and love endearing

That too pleases Him far.

438: One Became Five

The Sadasiva that stood as one

Animated Maheswara;

And then Hara, Hari, and Brahma

Thus did the One become the familial five.

439: He is the Pure One

He is the Pure One

The Siddha in whom Pasa lies prostrate;

Be firmly seated on land here below

And Seek Him in ways felicitous–

That you may vision the Land Beyond;

Not doing this,

You are like one

Who is seated on the banks of Ganga,

Yet remains unwashed and impure.

440: The Eye Sees Not Itself

One clay, many the receptacles

One God pervades species all;

The eye sees things several

Yet itself it sees not;

Thus it is, we see not the God in us.