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The Three Categories Of Jivas (492-500)

492: Play of Sakti-Siva Infuses Divine Spirit

Out of Sakti-Siva Play

Life blossomed;

And Jiva who was in pure Kevala state

Of Turiya quiescence

Was freed and consigned to the folds of Maya,

And the Lord then entered Jiva’s thought

And suffused his being with Divine Spirit.

493: The Three Categories From Ten Classes

Vignanars true are of groups four

Pralayakalas are of three;

Sakalars below are another three

Thus are Jivas grouped, ten in all.

494: The Four Classes of Vijnars

Vijnanakalars are of classes four;

Those who are in Kevala (Anava) state,

Next are those who are Self-realised;

Those who reached the state of Eight Vidyeswaras,

And finally are those who rank as the Seven Crores of Manthra Nayakas;

Those who are of Egoity Impure rid

Are the truly realised beings (no more are they Jivas).

495: The Three Classes of Pralaya Kalas

Of the Pralayakalars three,

Are those who Mukti attained;

Another, by malas twine (Egoity and Karma) bound;

Yet another, the Rudras Hundred and Eight;

The Sakalas have all malas three.

496: The Three Classes of Sakalas

Sakalas three are:

Those who have attained Siddhis miraculous,

Those who have attained Mukti (Jivan)

Those who have attained neither

–All powerless to conquer Malas three

And in sound and other senses immersed.

497: Stages of Attainment in Mala Riddance

They who are of five malas hard rid,

Themselves Siva become;

They blemishless become,

They become Siddhas,

Attain state of Mukti Finale,

They uproot Jiva’s bondage,

End cycle of births;

They alone are,

Who truth of peerless Tattvas realised.

498: Nine Gradations of Jivas

Vijnanakalas are of gradations three;

Those who in quiescent Anava alone abides; (the Pralayakala among Vijnanas)

So are Pralayakalas of gradations three;

And Sakalas too;

Thus are there nine classes of Jivas,

Evolving in gradations separate.

499: How Sakalas Among Vijnanakalas Attain Siva-State

Vijnanakalas may by karma assume form corporeal;

But by performing holy deeds,

Acquire Celestial frame

And higher Jnana Form;

And Constant striving thus,

Gain wisdom perennial

And in the end Siva Himself become.

500: How Jivas Reach Siva

Rid themselves of Anava entire

And consciousness lost of all Jiva memory,

They Bindu and Nada become,

The highest heavenly goal

Of one-ness with Siva Tattva;

Albeit all three, Sakala and the rest of yore possessed,

The primal impurities triple,

Anava, Maya and Karma.

Destruction in Tantra Two (420-430)

421: Fire is Lord’s Shaft

With fire, the Lord burnt all Space

With fire, the Lord burnt the Oceans,

With fire, the Lord burnt the Asuras

Fire, verily, is the Lord’s shaft on hand.

422: Three are His Layas

Three are His layas–the moments of Repose

Of them one, karpandha–the end of aeons,

I witnessed;

All things fell uprooted in the destruction

This orb then was unto a boiling rice pot

Its mountains and valleys alike burnt to ashes.

423: The Fire Spreads

The earth on which we tread

The snow-clad mountains eight.

The seven seas whose ebbing tides roar,

Over all these and else

The Fire that resides in Muladhara spreads;

And the spreading conflagration turned

Earth and sky seem alike;

–This the truth, imagination none.

424: The Fire Spreads to the Seas Also

From aloft the cloud laden mountains

She descended–

The benign river Ganga;

Into the earth the waters seeped

In directions eight,

Emptying itself eventually

Into the deep pit that is the Ocean,

That Constant sings the praise of Lord

With Chant of “Aum”

–That Ocean too the fire gulped in fury.

425: Four Forms of Death

Four are the forms of death

Daily death is the state of sense loss in sleep;

Fated Death is no-return to waking;

Pure Death is when the Soul reacheth inertia;

Redeemed Death is being in Lord’s Grace True.

426: What Transpires in the Four Deaths

In Daily Death, are bodies gross and subtle transcended;

In Fated Death, is the Mayaic body annihilated;

In Pure Death, Mind and cognates merge in Infinite

In Redemption Death, Siva’s Grace descends true.

427: Four Forms of Death

When but birth–impediment uprooted,

Daily Death is unto Fated Death

And Fated Death unto Pure Death

And Pure Death unto Redemption Death

In that alone is the Truth–Jiva becoming Siva.

428: Thus Four are the Deaths

Thus are Deaths Four;

The Daily Death in deep Sleep;

The Fated Death that gives the soul a longer rest;

The Pure Death that puts the Soul in primal quiescence;

The Redemption Death that steeps the Soul in Lord’s Grace.

429: Void the Beginning and End

Out of Void, a plant (soul) it sprang,

To the Void it returns;

Yet shall it not be Void again;

In that Void, exhausted, it shall die;

That the fate of Hari and Brahma too,

Who the holocaust of Samhara survive not.

430: Scorch Your Karmas

Scorch the gathering Karmas

And exhaust them;

There is One who annihilates them

And the city where He does it

He fashioned the body, He pervades everywhere.

He placed the Mind and cognate tattva group besides,

He gave us Wisdom ample to discriminate.

Sustenance in Tantra Two(411-420)

411: The Spirit Pervades All

As Light and Darkness, He pervaded,

As Fame and Blemish, He pervaded,

As Body and Life, He pervaded,

As my constant thought, He pervaded.

412: He is the Totality

Himself as space and celstials stands,

Himself as body, life, and matter stands,

Himself as sea, hill, and dale stands,

Himself–all worlds’ Lord Supreme.

413: The True Way

As body, life, and world,

As sea, cloud and cloud-laden sky,

Permeating all, indestructible and continuous

The Lord stands in Majesty

The True way that never closes.

414: Sadasiva is in the Heart of Even Those Who Doubt Him

He is Nandi the Great;

In directions eight,

He is life pervasive;

He brings body and soul together in birth;

Even in the heart of those who doubt Him, He is;

And from there He seeks them;

This I have known Him oft perform.

415: Lord is Diverse

At the end of aeons,

Once He stands as Pure Light,

Once as the tempestuous typhoon,

Once as incessant rain,

Once as Vishu, floating on the deluge.

416: He Stands in Divine Love

As love, wisdom and meekness He stands,

As pleasure and pleasureable union He stands,

As Time’s Beginning and End He stands,

As Five elements filled He stands in love divine.

417: He Fashions Things Big and Small

Himself fashions worlds all in detail minute

Himself fashions life, conferring birth

Himself fashions things big and small

–The cauldron, the pitcher and the pot

Himself He fashions these and more

–He the Architect Almighty.

418: He is Nandi

He is Life within; He is the body corporeal;

He is Spirit Pure; He is space Infinite;

He is Light Radiant; He is Consciousness inside;

Animating life in the body

He supports me;

–He is Nandi.

419: He Supports All Worlds

A miracle indeed it is

To sustain the myriad lives in the Universe;

Not less so,

When after total destruction

He draws them unto Himself;

He supports too

That Seventh World

The Path of yoga leads to.

420: He Grants Immortal Body to Those Who Seek Him in Love

Well may you seek Him

Through rituals before fires,

Distant only shall He be;

Seek Him in yearning love

Bend low on the ground

Hanker after Him life after life,

The great One Shall Grant you the body immortal.

Tantra Two (Poem from 381-395)

381: Act of Creation by the Primal One

Paraparam that has neither Beginning nor End,

In pure Consciousness consorted with Paraparai

And in that Light Pure arose Param;

And from union of Param with Parai immaculate

Was Nada born.

382: Creation Continues

Nada united with Bindu

From the union of Nada-Bindu

Was Siva and Sakti born;

From them evoluted the three–

Jnana, Kriya and Iccha;

Iccha then sought union with Bindu.

383: Latent Maya Evolutes

From thence evoluted Maya

Latent in Sakti like lustre in crystal

Mighty its power

Beyond power of speech to recount.

384: Evolution of Maan Sakti–the Substratum of Matter

Away in the far distance of Time

Paraparam and Paraparai conjoined

Then did Nada with Bindu;

And further on Sadasiva with Sakti;

Thus was Maan born

The finite support of elements five

385: Universe of Five Elements–Evolutes

Out of Maan evoluted space

From space, ether

From ether, water

From water, earth’s hard crust;

Thus they formed in succession

The elements five;

They were for the universe

The nectar unto Flower.

386: Sadasiva is the Source of Creation

Sada-Siva, the He-She, creates universe all,

He has sons five

The Holy One that creates universe all

Himself as lotus-seated Brahma

The Creator became.

387: In the Union of Sadasiva with Maan Sakti Blossomed the

The Holy Nandi that is Sadasiva

And the Sakti that devoluted Maan

Together in looks united in full;

And from that union arose the universe

As unto a blossom gently opening.

388: How the Elements Five Evoluted

From Fire emanated water

From Wind emanated light

From Space emanated sound

From Water emanated earth

This the way the elements five evoluted.

389: The Primal One Created the Universe With Brahma and

With Hari who spat out the seven worlds

With Brahma, the four headed maker

The Primal One, the Lord of Celestial Beings

Created, of yore, this universe vast.

390: Creation is an Act of Pure Consciousness by the Primal

The Supreme One aloft the Mount Kailas

With Hari in the ocean bed

And Brahma on the blooming lotus

Created life

By Consciousness Pure.

391: The Primal One is Narayana and Brahma as Well

He is the First Cause,

All-pervasive in love;

He is Vishnu; He is Brahma,

He is Veda, the Cosmos, the Abiding One.

392: As Light Within Brahma, the Primal One Creates

A rare Ruby–He is easy of reach,

The One Lord–He is easy of love,

He is the light within Brahma;

And now I know why the Creator does it easy so.

393: At the Creation the Compassionate One Pervades All Space

Death and birth, the Holy One in Grace ordained;

And in that hour when by His Thought

He Commenced the act of Creation

He fills and pervades in eight directions

He, the Compassionate One.

394: The Lord Animates the Body in Justice

The Immaculate One creates all;

And as He created me too,

He animates within me

A support to the body, an heir to karmic ills;

Verily, the Lord is the Just one.

395: Lord is the Refuge of All Departed Life

In the act of creations

He stands adorning death’s bones and konrai’s blooms,

His resplendent Form out-shines red-hot gold;

A refuge vast of all departed life;

The Lord that performs the act of Becoming.

Non-learning, Middle Path & Abstaining From Drink (310-336)

Non-learning (310-319)

310: The Unlearned are they Who hold not to Truth

Even the unlearned, if blessed with the vision of Truth Supreme,

Them the Lord approves with His benign Eye of Grace;

But if the learned seeming fail to hold the truth,

Unlearned are they indeed, blind to True Love’s divine rays.

311: Unlearned Realize not God’s Pervasiveness

The truly learned live pursuing the one and only path,

But others say, “Many the paths of knowledge are,”

The God Supreme is in all places present;

They the unlearned are, of God’s pervasiveness unaware.

312: God Abides not in the Hearts of Unlearned

Things transitory you fix in heart as abiding joys,

This mnortal body frail you deem as enduring stuff;

Though the Lord God all life pervades,

Absent is He and His Light from the hearts of the unlearned.

313: Unlearned Descend to Hell

Of all power bereft, I fell into Karma’s griefs,

Learning not Hara’s ways, into dark abysmal depths I fell;

I learnt not to stamp the Great Benefactor in my heart,

I learnt only to dance down the primrose path to hell.

314: Unlearned Sport in Carnal Pleasures

Knowing full well that life is a fleeting, vaporous mist,

The truly learned seek the path of Dharma and penance strict,

But the not-learned, in truth, this world’s sordid knaves,

Sport in carnal joys, with Karmic misery mixt.

315: Lord is the Fruit of Heavenly Love

The Lord gave us the Heaven-born gift of the Fruit of Love

His Light mingled with the eyes where it remained;

But inside the earth men sought it in folly vain;

And brooding and writing, they grew thin and pined.

316: Unlearned Do Not See Him

Without knowing the 36 tattvas and their scope

It is not possible to have a vision of the supreme,

Only by knowing the tattvas wisdom can dawn,

Only those are educated who go to the limits of the tattvas and have a vision of

317: Avoid The Unlearned

The fools, of learning devoid, unfit for us even to see

The fools, of learning devoid, their words unfit to hear

The fools, of learning devoid, in fools find their friends,

The fools, of learned devoid, to wisdom come no near.

318: The Truly Learned Have Vision Of Sivajnana

Though learned, fools are they if with Sivajnana they’re not acquainted,

If kith and kin they give not up nor strike at root of ignorance

As their eyes turn not to quarters

They alone truly reckon who, wise in love, win the truth.

319: True Learning Brings Light Divine

The being first, even to the immortals the light divine,

The light that devotees seek, the great god supreme

Some proudly claim that learning well, they know him truly well

Yet they catch not of his light the faintest gleam.

Middle Path (320-323)

320: Middle Path Is Wisdom

Unless you in middle path stand, wisdom you have not,

To those who in middle path stand, hell opens not its gate,

Those that in middle path stand, heavenly beings are they;

In the noble fellowship of the just, I too walked in their way.

321: Gods And Saints Stand In Middle Path

The blue-dark cloud-hued being Vishnu in middle path stood,

The Brahma who chants the Vedas four in the middle path stood,

The wise saintly souls also in middle path stood,

He, our lord supreme – He, in middle path stood.

322: Walk With The Just

Some saintly became, because they in middle path stood,

Some to heavenly beings turned, because they in justice stood,

Some to Siva-state attained, because they in justice stood,

And so in the good company of the just, I, too, unfaltering stood.

323: The Just Adore His Feet

What he creates, none but he destroys;

On their devout heads, the just bore aloft his holy feet;

Who chant the pure name with ardour

And cling thereof, in the society of the just, they meet.

Abstaining From Drink (324-336)

324: Drunkards Lose Sense Of Right And Wrong

The cow fed on broth of rice wanders not from tank to tank

The cow denied its drink of broth grows weak and lank

Who swill the toddy neat, from righteousness go astray

Truest drink is Sivananda, the bliss supreme, far and away.

325: Sivananda Wine Brings Eternal Self-Forgetfulness

In sweet rapture lost, soul-hynotic for the Siva-samadhi state,

The ever-sweet nectar of Sivananda – in the bliss overflow;

On such nectar fed, you lose not the self-bliss pure;

For ever thus you sit and lie the holy feet below.

326: The Wicked Drink In Vama Tantra

Lust and drink, fit for the wicked are they;

In ritual unholy they drink and lose the senses

But the wise drink the nectar streaming from his feet,

Which destroys egoism and bigotry.

327: Drinking In Vama Tantra Worship Leads To Perdition

They drink and perish, who to the vama sect belong.

The lustful ones in sensual delights are wholly lost;

But the pure souls find the light of sacrifices in their inner flame;

They, who his true name chant, approach him fast.

328: Truth Eludes Drunkards

They see not the inner truth, know not the pasu-pasa,

They dwell not in the bounteous lord’s divine grace;

In the clear light of wisdom, Sivayoga they seek not,

They, who soak in liquors, truth never can appraise.

329: Followers Of False Religion Neither Seek Nor See Him

The fools who swear by the faith that our senses numbs,

Who yield to the heady joys of drink – they neither seek nor see

Mamaya’s home, for the maya’s fetters are they bound;

But recovered from maya’s hold, they merge in the lord and are free.

330: Wine Stupefies Senses And Destroys Truth

The fumes of wine stupor bring and destroy the truth,

And make us seek the false, delusive joys of lust;

Such advance not to wisdom true, of sweet reason compact,

Will such e’er attain the eternal bliss truest?

331: Joys Of Sivananda Nectar

In meditation lost, rid of the cycle of night and day,

Dead to outward things, they drink not the bliss-nectar

The bliss of the lord’s feet that neither night nor day knoweth,

I, caught in maya causing night and day, struggle to reach.

332: True Sakti Worship Seeks Divine Nectar

Sakti seeking, some religious sects ritual drinks consume,

But Sakti dies when the o’er- powered senses swoon;

True Sakti, indeed, in Sivajnanan finds its birth,

To merge in truth-wisdom-bliss – and to other things immune.

333: Sakthi And Siva Are One

If Sakthan his grace imparts, Sakti’s grace we have,

If Sakti her grace imparts, Sakthan’s grace we gain,

Sakti and Siva, if both in heart we hold,

Then in us, truly, the siddhis eight do shine.

334: Divine Nectar Leads to Siddhis

All Tattvas and egoity past, Truth of self realised,

In truest joy immersed, of false penances void,

Rid of worldly lure, drunk full of Heavenly Bliss,

This indeed is Siddhi true and Sivananda unalloyed.

335: Yogis Seek Ambrosia of the Cranial Moon

The yogis who, breath in control held, yearn for

The nectared delights of Contemplation’s Moon,

The eight Siddhis they seek; but witless fools are they

Who to toddy yield and in its heady joys let their senses swoon.

336: Drink Divine Nectar in Samadhi

Open and drink deep the nectar that gushes from the spring;

Unfold the petals of the Holy Master’s Lotus Feet;

Lead the Yoga-breath through the spiring channel up

And thus in Samadhi ascending,

Reach the Divine Good in holy meet.

In Praise Of The Charitable and Way Of The Uncharitable – Tantra One (251-279)

In Praise Of The Charitable (251-259)

251: The Charitable Realize the Self

Who the self realise, seek and adore the Feet of the Lord;

Who the self realise, most freely give in charity;

Who the self realise, Lord of Tattvas become;

Who the self realise, Kin to the Lord in dear amity.

252: Charity is Within Reach of All

Easy to all to offer in worship a green leaf to the Lord,

Easy to all to give a mouthful to the cow,

Easy to all to give a handful, sitting down to eat,

Easy to all, good, kind words on others to bestow.

253: Evils of Hoarding

The food that feeds the needy–that alone true charity is;

True men they who that simple truth do find;

But they who hoard, like water in pool past access,

To eat and gorge–to Charity’s ways are they blind.

254: Give Charity When You Have

Dirt driven away, with Wisdom you fill not your mind;

In days of plenty, empty is your charity’s exchequer;

What avails it, though wide awake, if hell-fire spreads around,

What avails it, then, if impoverished of heart you are?

255: Give Charity Here and Now

Of yourself knowing little, caring naught for your good,

Unmindful e’en of poverty of tender youth taking no care,

Before Death’s stern, relentless summons arrives,

Let noble charities your redeeming goodness declare.

256: By Your Charities Lord Knows You

To him who renounces, no kith or kin has he;

To him condemned to beg, no true delights has he;

To him who charityless is, the Lord denies His Presence;

By the measure of thy charity done, the Lord is known to thee.

257: Charity Leads to Life Eternal

Some in charity overflow; by such noble deeds done,

Noble gods they become in human beings’ high esteem;

And the many who hold this fleshly body their dear God,

To them comes Death, saying; “I, your God supreme.”

258: Charity and Devotion Twin Escorts to Heaven

Our life’s boat across the foaming sea of Karma flies;

Twin the pathways to dispel the labour and the strain;

Glory giving tapas and charity the heavenly escorts,

To us and our dear kin from life’s battle vain.

259: Charity is Your Life’s Prop

Earthly desires to worldly objects attached,

No end know; but in charity’s noble way,

E’en the little things you give, sure props provide;

All the rest meekly take as the Lord’s gift for the day.

Way Of The Uncharitable (260-269)

260: The Hoarders are Sinners

The ripened nux vomica falls profitless on ground;

Such the barren wealth of those who charities deny;

With usurious greed they bury deep their treasures,

The hardened sinners, true fruit unknowing, thus live and die.

261: Life is Fleeting; Give While You Live

The aeons pass, the unreturning ages go;

The allotted span of life daily dwindles away;

This irksome body, as if squeezed by some power unknown,

Perishes: seeing this yet, they learn not charity’s way.

262: Give and Escape Hell

Charity denying, they know not the Lord’s Feet to praise,

Nor enter they the precincts of the City of Siva’s Grace;

Their ears inclined to those who falsehoods preach,

They stand to sin enslaved, condemned to hell’s hot embrace.

263: All Ailments Assail, If in Charity You Fail

Consumption and anaemia, asthma and colic pain

Such the lot of those who nothing in charity give;

Snake and thunder, sore throat and fleshly ills,

Approach not them that others’ needs relieve.

264: End is Nigh; Do not Deny

The Lord adored by all the world, yet they praise not,

To the needy poor, even the smallest bit ye deny,

Nor’ll ye tend the garden e’en with one potful of water;

Will ye for ever stand in Hell? Ye whose end is nigh.

265: Loneliness Comes of Denial

Unescorted, alone, the charity-less their last journey make,

And miss their track; journeying thus, in birth-cycle caught

They know not how the binding Karmas to dispel,

And so slip and fall to be irretrievably lost.

266: Compassion Leads to God

They, whose hearts melt in charity, see the Feet of the Lord,

The steadfast of faith attain Swarga’s might,

But those sinful ones of charity befeft, helpless, forsaken,

Engulfed in passions low, pass into eternal night.

267: Denial Leads to Misery

Bliss and pain–these two woven into the web of life,

Result from deeds of our own devising;

The bliss of giving they knew, and yet the fools gave not,

The shrivelled of heart, to charity unwise, its glory unknowing

268: Denial Leads to Sinful State

The Lord of blemishless glory, from death and birth immune,

Permits none to enjoy bliss, unearned by worthy deed;

Giving and gifting–of these always think;

Deny and cause pain;

You stand condemned to the Pasu state indeed.

269: Giving is Aiming True

Seek not wealth that many reckon as life indeed,

Nor waste your days on fools, of wisdom dark,

But turn your feet to the eternal Home and praise the Lord,

Then true bowman you prove, hitting straight the mark.

To Be Love-possessed (270-279)

270: Love and Siva are One

The ignorant prate that Love and Siva are two,

But none do know that Love alone is Siva

When men but know that Love and Siva are the same,

Love as Siva, they e’er remained.

271: Lay Love’s Garland at Lord’s Feet

He of the leopard’s skin, gleaming brighter than gold,

His tender crescent flashing rich with argent ray,

The Great Dancer, with burning ashes smeared thick;

At His Feet, my garland, plaited with Love’s incense, I lay.

272: Melt in Love and Possess Him

You may turn your bone to fuel, your flesh to meat,

And let them roast and sizzle to the gold-red blaze;

But unless your heart melts in the sweet ecstasy of Love,

My Lord, my Treasure-trove, you ne’er can possess.

273: Love Hara and See Him

They, of intense love, Hara surely see,

They, of the compassionate heart, see the Holy Feet to praise;

The world-burdened see only life’s revolving wheel,

And, in Horror’s mazes lost, enter Hell’s trackless ways.

274: Love Him, He Loves You

My God, the melter of my heart of love, let all adore;

My God, the Lord of primal Love, First of Beings ever,

My God, who again and again melts my heart, Nandi Lord,

May He render me His Love in foremost measure!

275: He is Enthroned in Love

Praise Him but once, the Pure and Holy One;

For e’er your heavenly escort He’ll be,

He, the Lord Siva, deckt in honeyed konrai blooms

He sat enthroned in my love, steadfast and free.

276: His Love is Unending

Many know not Him who first wrought this world,

And wrapt in infinite Love, born of His lordly Grace;

In this world, evil-ridden, He filled our life

With His love unending, He, the Lord of limitless space.

277: His Love is Blessings All

The Light Refulgent emits beams of purest gold;

Plant that deep and firm in heart; raising worship thus,

If you, in yearning song, seek Isan’s Grace,

Then, sure, no end be to His blessings copious.

278: Seek in Love the Heavenly Father

Birth He caused, and Death, too, in its wake;

This mystery we daily see; and yet mankind

Cling in deep desire to life, but call not on Him,

Nor seek Him, saying, “Our Father, great and kind.”

279: He is Our Refuge

Inside Love is He; in outer Nature is He; as body also is He;

The past and future is He; the Lord of Rishis is He;

The Precious One who inside Love resides,

Only those, who in Love reside, find in Him the Refuge free.

Tirumantiram – Tantra One (Poem from 197 to 223)

Not Killing (197-198)

197: Don’t Kill Even an Atom of Life

Flowers many to dear, loved Master’s worship;

Even one atom of life, kill not:

The lovely garland, the steady flame, the firm will,

The passionate heart–such the worship’s crowning part.

198: They Who Kill Reach Hell

The men who shouted,”Kill and stab,”

Them with strong ropes Death’s ruffians bind;

And stationing them at the fire-gates of Hell

The agents yell, “Stand, go; and in the fire pit roast.”

Meat Eating–forbidden (199-200)

199: Meat Eaters Will Have to Face Hell’s Torments

The ignoble ones who base flesh do eat,

Death’s agents bind them fast for all to see;

And push them quick into tthe fiery jaws of hell,

And fling them down there for ever to be.

200: Shun Sinful Living

Killing, theiving, drinking, lusting, lying

These horrid sins detest and shun; to those

Who Siva’s Holy Feet attain and the Bliss eternal,

They come not; such men in Wisdom’s bliss ever repose.

Not Committing Adultery (201-203)

201: Seek not the Thorney Date; Ripened Jack-Fruit is at Hand

The dear, wedded wife pines within the home,

But the lusting youth covets the guarded neighbour’s mate;

Even as one, declining the luscious ripeness of the jack,

Yearns for the tamer taste of the thorny date.

202: Seek Not the Sour Tamarind: Sweet Mango is at Hand

The sweet, ripe mango, tended with loving care,

They bury deep, deeming it unripe still;

And up the gnarled tamarind they climb for the sour fruit,

Only to break their limbs–they whom the senses beguile.

203: Adulterers Rush to Doom

The king of treasures vast, and the lordly souls

Whose light of wisdom dispels the encircling gloom

Even such yield to woman’s sensuous charms;

Their judgment thus enslaved, they rush to their doom.

Evil Women’s Ignominy (204-208)

204: Pledge not Your Heart to Lust

Fine though the leaves be of the nux vomica tree,

Its wealth of fruit is bitter on tongue, unfit to eat;

To them with rounded breasts and luring smile,

Pledge not your wavering heart in passion’s heat.

205: Incontinent Passion Spells Ruin

The worldly folk who seek connubial delights

Are, like eddying water, sucked into whirling pool;

Such is passion, incontinent, fleeting as a dream;

Real it is not; let not its siren spell you befool.

206: Lust Destroys

Decoyed into passion’s snare by tender woman’s grace,

They fell into her arms and swooned in the warm embrace;

“This is life’s crowning glory, fit for the gods to share–“

Thus speaking, they parted leaving not a trace.

207: Sweet Beginning, Bitter End

“What are the joys that in woman’s charms we seek or find?”

The truly wise of heart pronounce thus their course:

“In the hand like the sugary juice from crushing mills,

But in the body bitterer than bitterest neem.”

208: Irretrievable Loss in Lust

Those unfirm of mind who, in folly vain,

Struggle to plant seeds deep in moss-covered tank

If such betimes we bind not and restrain,

Irretrievably lost are they in lust of sex, sordid and rank.

In Vain Pursuit Of Accumulation (209-213)

209: Misery of Making a Living

Garments to tatters torn, life a joyless desert becomes;

Loved ones and dear friends forsake, with no more love to spare

Nothing more to give or ask, void of glory and pomp,

Neglected, like automatons they walk, sad and bare.

210: Pre-Occupation With Filling Stomach-Pit

Even as the day dawns, men strive the stomach-pit to fill;

With needed tools, they seek hard the hungry void to stop;

But our only way is to praise Him whatever the way of life we pursue;

Sure then that pit is filled when, what in us is impure, is swept off.

211: Seek not to Fill Stomach’s Pit; Fill the Birth’s Pit

To fill the stomach’s stony pit, they seek the precious gold;

But little do they know how hard it is to fill births’ pit;

Only when true wisdom you attain that pit to rule,

Then that pit is filled, when life is washed clean and rendered fit.

212: Light of Wisdom’s Lamp in Good Time

Our kith and kin, unrelenting, like Karma stern,

Unrelaxing us pursue; so, ere life from body goes,

In good time, light thou Wisdom’s lamp,

And intent thus, to that new-lit track, keep close.

213: Lord Alone is Refuge from Harrying Births

Him the Six harried, Passion’s form assuming,

Him the Five maligned, countless miseries giving,

Him Karma tortured through birth after birth pursuing

Thus he learned to despise life–in the Lord alone refuge finding.

Relating To Sacrificial Fire (214-223)

214: Prosperity Springs From Sacrifice

Riches from obloquy free, the spreading sky and earth,

The directions all, and the godly hosts who there hold sway,

All flourish in Victory’s wake when Brahmins true,

With Vedas commencing, pursue the sacrificial way.

215: They Give Before They Eat

The Vedic Brahmins who holy sacrifices perform,

On Salvation intent, give before they eat;

Even as in knowledge true, supreme they stand,

So in conduct they lead–to the One Goal headed straight.

216: Sacrifices Lead to Heaven

They who invoke our Lord–the Fire within the Fire,

The Brahmins true are they and our goodly support;

Who, night and day, raise the Sacrificial flame

Guiding us along the pure Path to our heavenly port.

217: Karma’s Depart When Mantras are Chanted

Morn and eve, when in devotion rapt they chant,

The two damsels (Gayatri and Savitri) with them in smiling grace stand;

Then do the two birds of one seed sprung

Karmas, good and bad, fluttering, in haste depart.

218: Sacrificial Fires Consume Sins

They who know in the sacrificial ghee’s steady flame,

All dark things are for ever consumed;

They also know when from Karma’s hold we’re freed,

That day is our day of abiding wealth,

The holy Fire’s truest meed.

219: It Scorches Karmic Evils

All sins fly like wick fast consumed in flame,

All diseases fade that Karma brings in its wake;

They fade and fall in the rising sacrificial fire.

And all evils are scorched that our Karmas make.

220: Sacrifices Give Wealth Imperishable

Firmly holding that vast riches are a grievous curse,

They hungered for the Lord who to us richest treasure gave;

Hoping and dreaming they waited for the immortal prize,

All sacrifices performed, the undying wealth to achieve.

221: Lord is the Sacrificial Flame of the Heart

The Pure Flame is He, the immortal Lord is He,

The Radiant Flame who in my heart’s core resides;

The Lord whose eyes are the Three Fires,

Who the Seven Worlds transcends,

The Lord of Homa’s Cool Flame, and my heart’s King besides.

222: He is the Fire Within All Fires

Inside the Fire of the Homa is my Lord,

Inside too is He seated in the flame of the funeral pyre;

The Fire of Homa which scorches Karma’s surging sea,

The Fire, that the mighty Churner in the sea begot, still abides.

223: Sacrificial Flame is Undying

In true penance striving, to Vedic rites conforming

They, who everywhere raise the sacrificial flame,

Tireless, unsparing in kindling the Holy Fire–

Theirs the true flame eternal, theirs the undying name.

In Humility & The Spiritual Hierarchy (95-112)

In Humility (95-98)

95: Infinite Greatness! 

Who can know the greatness of our Lord! 

Who can measure His length and breadth! 

He is the mighty nameless Flame; 

Whose unknown beginnings I venture to speak. 

96: Poor Qualifications 

I know not the way singers sing, 

I know not the way dancers dance, 

I know not the way seekers seek, 

I know not the way searchers search. 

97: Power Of Prayer 

By words spoken in Truth’s luminous accents, 

Rising on sweetest music’s pious heights 

Even Brahma who after Him created this our world, 

All, all, seek His imperishable Light. 

98: God’s Deep Mystery 

At the foot of the Sacred Hills, the Rishis and Devas sat, 

Seeking Liberation’s endless Bliss, 

Devoutly praising, yet knowing not, 

So this deep Mystery I here expound.

The Holy Hymns Three Thousand (99-100)

99: Path To God 

Three Thousand Holy Hymns, Mula in Tamil composed, 

Did He, Nandi, reveal for all the world to know, 

Wake early at dawn and pour forth the strains 

Surely you’ll win the splendid soft repose 

Of the Bosom of the Lord. 

100: General And Specialised Knowledge 

In the Holy Three Thousand is the Salvation Finale 

Of the diverse works, true and good; 

In the Divine Three Thousand, original and wise, 

All knowledge is, special and general.

The Spiritual Hierarchy (101-112)

101: Seven Holy Orders 

Seven are the Holy Order, spiritual and true; 

Mula, of the first, from the Himalayas sprung, 

In the Tantras Nine and Hymns Three thousand 

Propounds the Word of Agama in beauty dight. 

102: Heads Of Seven Orders 

Kalanga immanent-living, Agora his very next, 

Maligai Deva the goodly and the holy Nadhanta, 

Paramananta, who the senses conquered and Bhogadeva, 

And Mula here breathing–of the Eternal are they all. 

103: Hara, Hari And Aya 

Limitless youth, the beginning, and end And 

measuring out the Time, these four considered 

Sankara stands supreme and of His devotees 

To Hari and Aya infinite Grace goes. 

104: Trinity–One Continuity 

He, the Being First, and He, the Emerald-hued, 

And He of the glowing, original Lotus-seat

Are these three separate or one continuous whole? 

Thus the world in divisions many wrangle! 

105: God Is One

Beyond the Two Karmas is Isa seated, 

The seed of this world, the mighty God become; 

“This” and “That” is Isa–so the thoughtless contend, 

The dross but know the basest sediment low.

106: Nine Aspects Of One Being 

Siva the First, then the Three, and the Five following, 

With whom flourished Bindu and Nada, 

Nine are they all, yet one and the same

All these but names of Sankara First.

107: Trinity Are Kin 

But if we thus the soul of truth probe and bare, 

Aya nor Mal to us no alien Beings are 

But Indissolubly Kin to Nandi, the Three Eyed 

Blessed be ye all by the Heavenly Three. 

108: Trinity Are Co-Equals 

Lying prostrate I adored the Milk-hued One, 

While countless Devas stood around in melting prayers lost; 

Then spoke the Lord to me: 

“To Vishnu and Brahma are I equal; 

Be it Yours to give the world 

The Grace of My Feet.”

109: All Gods Are But The One Siva 

Devas here be none, nor humans that breathe, 

Save for Siva’s grace, Siva in honeyed-Konrai decked; 

No other God could dwell in the silence of your soul, 

Other Gods you worship, know they but mortals be. 

110: Assign Not Ranks To Trinity 

The ignorant know not, from the First did leap 

The Light that flamed into Three and Five; 

So blindly groping, lost in maze of words, 

Isa, Mal and Aya, to graded ranks assign. 

111: One And Many 

The Supreme is one, Absolute, without lapse, 

In descent thereof, Mal and Aya becoming; 

Thus He, the One into many ranked; 

By conscious choice a Self-deduction made.

112: Siva Is Jeeva 

In one Part, He, Sadasiva my Lord; 

One heavenly Part in Heaven resides; 

One Kingly Part, the spirit that the body heaves; 

One His Part to all motion transformed.

The Tamil Spiritual Classic Tirumantiram – In Praise of God (1-25)

1: One Is Many 

The One is He, the Two His sweet Grace, 

In Three He stood, in all the Four witnessed, 

The Five He conquered, the Six He filled, 

The Seven Worlds pervades, manifests the Eight 

And so remains. 

2: Defies Death 

The Holy One who all life sustains, 

Lord of Her, beloved of all the world, 

He who spurned Yama, the Southern Qrarter’s King 

Of Him, I sing, His glory and praise. 

3: Immortals Adore 

He who stands the same to all, 

The Pure One, whom immortal Gods adore, 

Whom, even they, that daily stand beside, know not, 

Him I seek, praise, and meditate. 

4: Dispells Gloom 

The Truth of Spaces Vast, Seek of the Universe orb, 

Our Haven of Refuge, He bade me seek and find, 

Him I praised by night and day, 

And praising thus, gloom{-}dispelled, 

I held firm in this world of strifes. 

5: Siva Is Nonpareil 

Search where ye will, there’s no God like Siva, 

None here below to equal Him in glory; 

Lotus like, He, of gleaming matted locks, 

Golden in splendor, beyond the worlds, apart. 

6: Omni-Competent 

Without Him, there be Celestials none, 

Without Him, penance is not, 

Without Him, naught the Three accomplish, 

Without Him, I know not the City’s Gate. 

7: Divine Father 

Primal First is He, older than the Co-eval Three 

But the Lord is He peerless, unequaled; 

Call Him “Father,” and Father He to thee, 

Inside you He flames in the Lotus of golden hue. 

8: Kinder Than Mother 

Hotter is He than fire, cooler than water; 

And yet none knows of His Grace abounding;

Purer than the child, kinder by far than the mother, 

Nearest to Love is He, of the flowing matted locks. 

9: All Worship Him 

Gold-bewrought, His matted locks fall back and gleam; 

Nandi, His name, 

My Lord is He, ever by me worshipt; 

But none there be whom He worships. 

10: Omnium Gatherum 

Holding the worlds apart, as the Heavens high He spreads; 

Himself the scorching Fire, Sun and Moon, 

Himself the Mother that sends down the rains 

Himself the mountains strong and oceans cold. 

11: Effort And Fruit 

Near and far I look; but around the Being First, 

No other God, I see, mightier than He; 

Himself the effort, and Himself, too, effort’s end; 

Himself the rains, Himself the clouds rain-laden, 

The Nandi named.

12: Beyond Comprehension 

The One of the fore-head eye, in Love Supreme, unmoved, 

Dead were the countless Devas, 

Born were the myriads on earth; 

Upward they climbed to lives beyond count, 

Yet none did know the Lord was He. 

13: Immeasurable 

Mal who spanned the earth and Brahma the Lotus seated one, 

And others of the Gods fathomed Him not; 

There be none to measure Him that measured the Heav’ns 

And thus He stood, all visions transcending. 

14: Transcends All 

Transcended He Brahma on the lotus-seat, 

Transcended Mayan, the ocean-hued, 

Transcended He, Isan, who transcends all, 

Transcended He space infinite, witnessing all. 

15: Blossoms As All 

Into Brahma did He expand, into Hara did He, 

And into the soul of the body He pervades 

As the Effulgence Divine, the Dharmic law limitless, 

The Eternal and the Everlasting. 

16: Confers Wisdom On Gods 

He, of the matted locks, the odorous Konrai clustering, 

He, of the Divine Consort with forehead divinely gleaming, 

He, whom the Immortals and Devas sought, 

Wisdom to learn, Ignorance to dispel. 

17: Love Profound 

Howe’er well the two garlics and musk boil and mix, 

Yet will musk’s fragrance stand o’ertopping all, 

So may all space mix and hold the God as One, 

Yet, upwelling, pours forth Isan’s love profound.

18: Munificent 

The Supreme Lord saw Alagai King’s penance devout, 

Much pleased, He made the King Lord of all Riches; 

Even so, approach the Lord, noble deeds performing; 

For thus says the Lord, “Hold this lordship!” 

19: Created Universe 

He, the Wisdom Primeval, He made the City Ancient 

Of the seven meadows, fragrant-spiced; 

He fixed the Moon, and to penance inclining, 

He abides there, making that His seat. 

20: In Mount Kailas 

Seek the Abode of the Holy, 

Who, of yore, created Birth and Death 

A high hill it is, where thunders roar and lightnings flash, 

Where fragrant flowers bud and bloom, 

His mighty likeness it bears.

21: Comes Speeding 

Sing His praise! Oh how quick He comes! 

He, the Lord, who in one fell sweep the wild elephant slashed, 

The Lord who ends this muddy vesture’s mortal coil, 

Of the Heavenly Hosts, of Brahma Divine, 

Of Mal, hued like the clouds rain-borne. 

22: Seek Him, He Seeks You 

This Lord of Maya-land that has its rise in the mind, 

He, the Being without thought, knows yet all our thoughts; 

Some be who groan,”God is not to me a friend;” 

But, sure, God seeks those who seek their souls to save. 

23: Infinite Grace 

The Mighty Lord, the God of Fire, set amidst the seas, 

Whom the comprehending souls never deny; 

He, the Lord of the Heavenly Beings all, 

Who, day and night, pours forth His Divine Grace. 

24: Firm In Minds Firm 

Sing His praise, Sing of His Holy Feet! 

Pour all your treasures at Siva’a Sacred Feet! 

And they who shake off the clouded eye and disturbed mind, 

With them He ever stood, benignantly firm. 

25: Illusions Vanish 

The Birthless is He, the Divine Mad, of Compassion vast, 

The Deathless is He, the Boundless One, Granter of Joys all, 

To Him kneel, and, kneeling, shall find 

Naught becomes Maya, the bond immemorial.

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