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Abuse Of Siva & Abuse of Guru (526-536)

Abuse Of Siva

526: Abuse of Siva Brings Misery

Those who have Jnana attained,
Rid of all doubts in their thoughts
Seek Him in love intense
Shall reach the World of Celestials;
If the low-born think any the less of Him,
Dismal indeed is their fate–
Unto the parrot in cat’s claw.

527: Adore Lord and Attain Jnana

The Devas and Asuras wasted their lives
And finally died;
They attained not Jnana true;
They alone can attain Truth
Who adore Primal Lord in devotion intense.

528: Abuse not Siva Even in Fun

They defied the Lord,
Devas and Asuras,
And they defied themselves one another
And destruction met;
However little, defy not Lord,
Not even for fun,
They snow-ball, one into ten.

529: Dare not Forget Lord However Holy

Learned are they in Vedic lore;
Knowing God is within them,
They bethought themselves to be God
And Plunged into pleasures distracting
Forgetting all thought of God.

Abuse Of Guru

530: The True Disciples are Blessed

The lowly ones
Care not for their parents,
They abuse their kith and kin in words foul
Only those who take to the way of Guru learned,
Are in truth blessed,
None else indeed.

531: Consequences of Abusing Guru

The Guru taught the wisdom
Of One-Letter mantra (Aum);
He who speaks derisive of Him
Will be born a lowly Cur;
And having led a dog’s life for a Yuga entire,
He will be a worm born;
And then to dust shall be consigned.

532: Consequences of Abusing the Good

The virtuous wife, devotee true, and Jnani Great
Those who have done exceeding harm to shock them
Their life and wealth will in a year disappear,
True this is,
Upon Holy Nandi, I swear.

533: Do not Abuse Guru

Those who wounded feelings,
Of Holy Guru who taught,
The One-lettered mantra, “AUM”
Will be a dog born,
And after a hundred dog incarnations
Will die a human out-caste.

534: Harm to World by Maltreatment of Gurus

If Gurus who are devout of God
Are caused pain in heart
The country, people and their greatness
Will all as one destroyed be;
The thrones of heavenly king Indra,
And of kings mighty here below,
Will alike Crumble down;
Sure This is,
I swear by our Nandi true.

535: Do not Utter False-hood in Gurus Presence

Utter not falsehood in holy Guru’s presence;
Then will goodness and wisdom depart;
Forgotten will be,
The time-honoured path of righteousness,
And all else that to prosperity leads;
The land a prey to famine falls.

536: Jnana Guru is the Real Guru

Who will throw away the precious Gem in hand
And carry a heavy stone instead?
Who will part with milk, curd and ghee on hand
And prefer the bitter poison, fatal?
Such indeed are the Gurus of Karma path;
Will they ever with Jnani compare?

Darshan Of Downward-looking Face (520-525)

520: Manifestation of Downward-looking Face

“Hail our Lord! Our God!

Deathly is might of Padmasura

Save us, help, oh!”

Thus did Celestials to Primal Lord pray!;

And the Primal Lord to the Six-faced God

Of coral hue beckoned;

And said, “Proceed and smite the enemy.”

521: Blue Throat of Downward-looking Face

He sports the garland of white skulls,

His spreading locks are matted;

He supports Universe vast,

He fills Space in directions eight,

On the throat of His Downward-directed Face

Darkness suffuses;

They say, “He swallowed poison;”

They are ignorant, they know not truth.

522: The Truth of Lord’s Blue-Throat
Ye men!

Who in this sea-girt globe live

In falsehood and flattery!

Why His throat gleams dark,

He knows who made it so;

When you realize the truth

He will make,

Celestial beings bow to you.

523: The Downward-Looking Face is of Sadasiva

Inside Primal Fire that is Siva

Nandi rises in the centre, gleaming

He pervads worlds all,

His hue is of the twilight sun

Who the world in glory ambulates,

He is the Lord of the Downward-looking Face–

524: The Face Creates All

The Ancient One of Athomukha

Created Universe vast here below;

In Athomukha He animates all life;

He is Lord of Athomukha Sakti of lotus eye;

He is Lord of Aeons’ End.

525: It Blossomed Into a Hundred Worlds and Impregnated

Them With Energy

Hearken to this,

How Athomukha blossomed into a Gigantic Flower

Then, it transformed itself into a hundred worlds;

And into Limitless Energy

Animating them;

And then as Athomukha,

The Lord remained as their Support as well.

Holy Waters & The Holy Temple (509-519)

Holy Waters (509-514)

509: The Holy Waters are Within Us

Within this body are many Holy Waters;

They take not gentle dips in them

And drive Karma away;

Vainly do they roam hill and dale,

Witless men of confused mind they are!

510: Lord Abides in Jnana Thought

To them who love Him dear,

The Lord will appear delicious cool;

To them steeped in worldly pleasures,

He will appear never;

To Yogis who breath control;

But sure does He

In thoughts abide,

Of Jnanis, who doubt-free see.

511: Men of False Faith do not See Lord Within

The Lord is within them,

Yet they know Him not,

They of faith false;

Limitless the flow of their evil deeds;

Down down the deep drain it goes,

Never its destination to know.

512: Bathe in Ganga and Be Purified

They who adore Him,

Reach His heavenly abode;

Thus it is,

Immortals know Primal Lord;

Bathe in pellucid waters of Sacred Ganga

That from Lord’s crest here descend;

You shall holy become,

Saved of impurities sinful.

513: Seek not Lord Elsewhere; He is Within Thee

They dropped gold in sea,

And looked hard for it in pond;

Nothing indeed to match their folly;

Within you is Nandi,

Firm as rock of ages,

Yet they know Him not, and seek Him not

Lacking in Grace, they sure are.

514: Water Within Forms Vital Body Constituent

Water that mixes in body, black urine becomes,

Water that mixes in body, red blood becomes

Water that mixes in body, white semen becomes,

Water that primal arose,

Land, wind and rest of elements became.

The Holy Temple (515-519)

515: Dangers of Transplanting Linga

Let them beware who transplant

A Linga at a Shrine ‘stablisthed;

Even before the transplant is completed,

The Kingdom will to disaster fall;

And disease fell chased culprit to sure death;

Thus did He declare,

Nandi, the Divine Protector.

516: Dangers of Destruction to Temple

As they move away,

A single stone from temple wall

That shall spell the Crowned King’s ruin;

Be he a sage, be he one learned in Vedas,

Sure the crisis; certain the ruin;

–So Ordained Lord.

517: Dangers of Skipping Performance of Puja

Rains fail; epidemics spread;

The mighty king his prowess loses;

All this sure happens,

If worship in Lord’s temples falters,

–The Lord who spurned the very God of Death.

518: Dangers of Puja Ceasing

When in Siva’s temple worship ceases,

Harm befalls the ruler;

Scanty the rains;

Theft and robbery abound in land,

Thus did my Holy Nandi declare.

519: Puja to be Performed Only by Qualified Priests

If he is but a priest in name

Who, Lord’s worship performs,

Deathly wars rage in fury

Fell diseases spread;

Famine stalks land–

Thus did goodly Nandi in truth declare.

The Worthy & Unworthy Souls (501-508)

The Worthy Souls (501-504)

501: Give Freely to Sivajnanis

Give a wee bit to Sivajnani,

You shall attain Siddhi, Mukti and heavenly bliss;

Give a world of gold to the witless,

You shall become poor losing all joys.

502: Lord’s Devotees are Elevated Souls

Death waits for the moment due

And seizes lives;

But the Lord seizes Death’s life;

Such indeed, His Prowess is;

He blesses all who know Him true;

They who sought Him, immortals became.

503: Lord’s Feet are unto a Self-Effulgent Lamp

I gave Him not up even while in womb;

I forgot not the truth of His holy Feet;

I gave up falsehood and sought them;

The Feet of Lord of matted locks

Are a Lamp no oil feeds.

504: Lord does Things Appropriate to Those of Tender Love

Those that are destined to be

Let them be;

Those that are destined not to be

Let them not be;

Those that are destined to go

Let them go;

Those that are destined to come

Let them Come;

The Mighty Nandi shows all

And witnesses all

All things appropriate,

He does

To those of tender love for Him.

The Unworthy Souls (505-508)

505: Giving to Unworthy is Undesirable

Well may you tender her;

And with fresh grass feed her,

The barren cow can no milk give;

Even so is giving

Unto those who neither good nor holy are;

Unto a crop they are,

Raised in season improper.

506: Do not Give to Those Who Have no Love for God

Give only unto those

Who follow the way of Yoga, Iyama, and Niyama,

And who adore Lord, in constancy abiding;

To give those who have no love for God,

A heinous crime, indeed it is.

507: He Who Gives to Sivajnanis will Become a Jnani

He who gives to Gods, Guru,

And the Goodly ones

Who are of passions rid,

Will a Jnani become,

Imparting Jnana appropriate to disciples several;

For him is not the burning hell,

That is destined for perpetrators

Of deadly sins five,

Who know not consequences dire.

508: Do not Give to Unworthy; the Giver and the Receiver Both
Reach Hell

You may give away wealth

As massive as a mountain;

Yet if you give it

To those that adore not our Lord,

You shall with them reach

The Seventh Hell of ineffable pain.

The Three Categories Of Jivas (492-500)

492: Play of Sakti-Siva Infuses Divine Spirit

Out of Sakti-Siva Play

Life blossomed;

And Jiva who was in pure Kevala state

Of Turiya quiescence

Was freed and consigned to the folds of Maya,

And the Lord then entered Jiva’s thought

And suffused his being with Divine Spirit.

493: The Three Categories From Ten Classes

Vignanars true are of groups four

Pralayakalas are of three;

Sakalars below are another three

Thus are Jivas grouped, ten in all.

494: The Four Classes of Vijnars

Vijnanakalars are of classes four;

Those who are in Kevala (Anava) state,

Next are those who are Self-realised;

Those who reached the state of Eight Vidyeswaras,

And finally are those who rank as the Seven Crores of Manthra Nayakas;

Those who are of Egoity Impure rid

Are the truly realised beings (no more are they Jivas).

495: The Three Classes of Pralaya Kalas

Of the Pralayakalars three,

Are those who Mukti attained;

Another, by malas twine (Egoity and Karma) bound;

Yet another, the Rudras Hundred and Eight;

The Sakalas have all malas three.

496: The Three Classes of Sakalas

Sakalas three are:

Those who have attained Siddhis miraculous,

Those who have attained Mukti (Jivan)

Those who have attained neither

–All powerless to conquer Malas three

And in sound and other senses immersed.

497: Stages of Attainment in Mala Riddance

They who are of five malas hard rid,

Themselves Siva become;

They blemishless become,

They become Siddhas,

Attain state of Mukti Finale,

They uproot Jiva’s bondage,

End cycle of births;

They alone are,

Who truth of peerless Tattvas realised.

498: Nine Gradations of Jivas

Vijnanakalas are of gradations three;

Those who in quiescent Anava alone abides; (the Pralayakala among Vijnanas)

So are Pralayakalas of gradations three;

And Sakalas too;

Thus are there nine classes of Jivas,

Evolving in gradations separate.

499: How Sakalas Among Vijnanakalas Attain Siva-State

Vijnanakalas may by karma assume form corporeal;

But by performing holy deeds,

Acquire Celestial frame

And higher Jnana Form;

And Constant striving thus,

Gain wisdom perennial

And in the end Siva Himself become.

500: How Jivas Reach Siva

Rid themselves of Anava entire

And consciousness lost of all Jiva memory,

They Bindu and Nada become,

The highest heavenly goal

Of one-ness with Siva Tattva;

Albeit all three, Sakala and the rest of yore possessed,

The primal impurities triple,

Anava, Maya and Karma.

Karu Urpatti – From 471 To 491

471: Lord Creates Life From Primal Seed of Causation

The Lord is Limitless Light;

He kindles all life from Primal Womb;

He stirrs the liquid-seed of Causation;

He endows it with form expansive;

Him I seek in heaven and earth.

472: Body’s Impermanence

In the union of sexes opposite

The light of life is born shielded true;

A bubble it is in Life’s watery expanse;

A shadow that spreads on earth below;

Sheathed in the subtle Body-Eight.

473: Lord Gives and Lord Takes Life

Of the eight organs of Body Subtle,

Are senses protean five

And cognitive instruments three–

Mind, will and cognition;

Know the dear Lord

Who fastened this body-bag,

With Desire’s sticky glue

Will in time unfasten it too.

474: Lord Gave Means of Redemption

The Lord made the body,

A name and form it assumed;

Then, for Jiva his redemption to seek

He created earth and Tattvas many,

–Thus speak the Vedas.

475: He Placed Jiva in Care of Two Foster-Mothers

None the Grace but Hara’s,

None Hara’s but the Grace,

And so as He bestows life,

He bestows, too,

The Loving care of foster mother twine,

(Maya and Mamaya.)

476: Then Siva and Sakti Pervaded Jivas

Sakti, the Conjoint Cause of creation,

The Luminous One that dispelled darkness total,

Together created the myriad lives,

Their genus and species,

And having done that, they pervaded them too;

Oh! magnificience non-pareil!

477: He Printed the Sex of the Infant

The seed of life,

As a steady flame in womb burns

It takes shape one of three

Male, female and hermaphrodite;

How the father and mother at union were,

Even so He printed the sex,

Righteous indeed was that Lumninous One.

478: Sex Determined at Sexual Union

The masculine flow dominates, the infant is male born,

The feminine dominates, the infant is female born;

When the two are in force equal, a hermaphrodite is born;

When masculine flow gushes in plenty,

The infant born will sway the world entire;

When masculine flow is scanty,

Naught indeed conception is.

479: Age is Determined

If after emission,

The male’s breath five finger-length extends,

The infant born lives a hundred years;

When breath to four finger measure stretches,

To age eighty the infant lives;

The Yogi who knows the science of breath control

If in sex act He indulges,

He, the vital flow, accordingly regulates.

480: Birth Imperfections Explained

When after intercourse, the man is short of breath,

The infant born a dwarf will be;

When breath spires feeble,

The issue may, of defective limbs be born;

When breath halts in mid-act

A hunch-back will be born;

All these apply not,

To woman’s breathing rhythm.

481: How Deaf, Dumb, and Blind are Born

When at the time of union,

The mother’s bowels are heavy exceeding,

A dullard will be born;

If urine exceeds,

A dumb will be born;

If both exceed,

A blind will be born;

Thus is it for the infant born

The mother’s condition according.

482: Breathing at Union Decides Sex of Baby

If breath spires leading on nostril right,

The infant born will a male be;

If on the nostril left,

A female will be born;

If the descending current Apana,

Opposes the ascending current Prana,

Twins there shall be;

If in measure equal the breath rhythm runs,

Through nostrils right and left,

Hermaphrodite shall be the baby born

483: How a Handsome Baby is Born

If in Male and Female breath runs

In measure equable,

The infant born will be exceeding handsome be;

When in both breath rhythm falters,

No Conception will there be.

484: How Infant in the Womb Grows

The infant-seed,

The damsel in her womb bore

Nourished by bright milk

That is fed by Sakti in Eye-brow Centre


Beaming like the golden rays of rising sun

Inside, it took form appropriate.

485: Maya Fosters the Baby

In months ten, it forms full

And then on earth in time appointed, it lands;

And grows, Maya fostering;

But who knows that Formless Maya!

486: Maya’s Hidden Act

He who planted seed, knew it not;

She who received saw it not;

The Creator knew, but he told none;

The Lord who Truth reveals is also there;

Yet I saw not Maya,

How cunning was her stealthy Conduct!

487: In Manhood Jiva Seeks God

Seeking pleasure, the two met;

In pasa’s misery was it born and bred;

And having grown to stature

Grew to manhood here below;

Well may it seek the Ancient One

That before all worlds was.

488: How Maya Fosters Babe

The koil bird leaves its egg in the crow’s nest;

The crow hatches it, nurses it, suspecting nothing;

It does not move it, does not reject it,

Does not ask why,

So does Maya the young one foster.

489: God Protects Jiva at All Stages

The Lord is the Primal One;

The root, the shoot, the plant and fruit;

Thus He blesses all life;

To each, He grants his life’s pleasure,

With each, He stands according.

490: Lord Appears in Prayer and Penance

My Lord is of infinite greatness,

Yet is He within the littleness of this fleshly body;

Beyond the ken of Celestials is He;

Yet in prayer and penance

He himself shall appear before you.

491: Birth is by Lord’s Grace

Even unto the salt that from wavy sea emerges,

Out of Tattvas that arose in Para,

Was this body formed;

To be born thus is His Grace indeed

Karu Urpatti – Tantra Two (451-470)

451: God Creates From Within the Womb

He conjoins the tattvas five and twenty

That in life past departed from me;

To my dear life awaken;

Thus He creates, seated within the globular womb

He the Primal One creates

Knowing what I am to be.

452: The Lord Grants Breath and the Child is Born

Above the Muladhara

The Kundalini fire abides;

There in the water-filled womb

The infant lay, its tiny feet entangled;

That the sweet life in patience waiting

Its onward course may seek,

He ordained, releasing the Pranas ten.

453: The Course of Life Was Ordained at Time of Union

When parents two in pleasure united,

Then was ordained, this body,

The sorrow-house of vexing pasa;

When that is to be,

At that hour of union, He ordained;

He, the Heavenly Lord.

454: Through That Union Entered the 25 Tattvas to Make the
Infant Body

They who birth’s finale saw,

Alone knew how purusha,

Of Tattvas five and twenty

The body Corporeal entered;

None else know,

That which sought woman’s birth-pit,

In form twain, rushed within

455: The Tattvas Remained in the Forehead of the Foetus

The penis pierced; the vagina opened,

And together they rushed in

The Tattvas in groups of Five–

The Elements Five,

The tanmatras Five,

The sense organs Five gross,

And the Five Subtle,

And cognising organs four–Mind, Intellect, Will and Egoity

And in the Centre of Forehead they all lay, concealed.

456: Prana Enters Jiva at Birth

As unto when flower blossoms, the breeze spreads fragrance,

In spaces all around

So does Prana over Jiva extend,

Gently unfolding at the time destined.

457: The Lord Drives in the Tattvas into the Infant Body

The eight constituents of body subtle

That ultimately leave,

The eight and ten Tattvas that sneak in,

With Purusha in them immersed

The orifices nine,

The Kundalini that serpent-like coils,

The life-breath twelve-finger breadth long,

–If these, the Divine Charioteer drives not in,

Verily may the infant be less than human (say, pig).

458: The Child With the Three Gunas in Balance is Fit for

When in sex union,

The male flow in force dominates

The infant is born with Tamasic qualities of Rudra;

When the flow in reverse is,

The Sattvic quality of Hari dominates;

When the two in balance flow,

The Rajasic quality of Brahma prevailes;

He is to kingship born

In whom Gunas three proportionate sway.

459: Into the Foetus Mayaic Mind was Placed

There two in accord united;

And from their vital flows

Emerged the infant form;

But when into it Jiva,

Who in myriad bodies has dwelt of yore,

Now entered,

Lo! it is dominated by Mind;

Maya subtle pervades it.

460: Jiva Gets Consciousness and Desires

There in the pregnant womb,

The soul lay in Primordial quiescence (Turiya State)

From that State Maya and Her tribe aroused it;

And conferred Consciousness;

And Maya’s evolutes eight–Desires and the rest,

Thus say scriptures, holy and true.

461: How the Body is Fashioned

With skeletal bones He erected the frame;

With tendons circuitous He fastened it;

With blood and flesh He cemented it;

Thus did Lord fashion this body-mansion,

For dear life to dwell

Him I seek forth, endearment increasing.

462: The Lord Contains the Fire in Muladhara

He is milky white in hue,

Effulgent is He unto the sun;

He is benignant;

He pervades the entire body

And diffuses His tenderness;

He contained the rage of fire in Muladhara

This He ordained, in ways diverse.

463: The Lord Preserves the Foetus

Even the day, ruinous Karma trailed after Jiva,

He designed ways of preservation numerous;

He surrounded the foetus with water

Kept it safe from burning Muladhara Fire,

He drew charmed circles eddying,

Around the budding life, from Pasa harassing

And so preserved it safe and cool.

464: Breathing and Size of Infant

The Silvery semen welled up

And met the vaginal flow, alike surging,

And lo! then was born the infant

Inhaling eight and exhaling four

Finger-length of breath,

And measuring eight finger-span

Of its own tiny palm.

465: Body of 25 Tattvas

In to the union, the Holy One entered;

Gathering Tattvas five and twenty

Fashioned the (five)-sheathed body;

Munificient indeed was his gift!

A veritable Bundle of Desire He made.

466: After Death, Senses End With Body; Jiva Ends in Nada

The five senses with their foolish ways

Are in this body born;

And there they subside;

So does Jiva

That permeates macrocosm

Surely subside in Nada.

467: The 35 Tattvas Introduced

As on to a leaf-like device

He mounted my life;

And there;

With balance like precision planted,

Subtle senses five;

And other Tattvas thirty;

And thus fashioned a body;

A steaming cauldron with openings nine.

468: Lord Creates

In union’s rapture they kneaded the clay

For Him to fashion sorrow’s tenement;

The kiln burnt, the pitcher emerged,

With channels nine and Tattvas eighteen.

469: Lord Placed the Six Adharas

You know not the six centers within;

You realise not the great good that wells therein;

You seek not the Siddhis within them;

Know this,

The fleshy body is but of ten senses made

470: Lord Placed Divine Jnana in Cranium

He fashioned this body,

Into that body He breathed life;

And set gates nine;

And then into the lotus-like cranium

He lit the Fire (of Divine Jnana),

The Lord made these,

And Him I salute in endearment intense.

Arulal – Tantra Two (441-450)

441: Life and Death are Acts of God

He is the Wind that Blows in Directions Eight

He is the wavy ocean that girdles the earth,

He is fire, earth and sky;

Know this:

He is the One that binds and unbinds

The body that holds life precious.

442: Lord is the Substance and Architect

Who seeks the luminous Nada atop

And of its sweetness savour

Know of death–no more;

The Lord is the seed of all

Of Sun, Moon and Fire

Of the Universe Vast

That Architect that builds all as well.

443: Potter Fashions as His Fancy Takes

The potter mounts the clay on the wheel

The potter fashions as he conceives

Even as the Potter our Lord Nandi is;

He sways the world, this way and that

The way His Fancy takes.

444: He Dwells in My Thoughts

He is Lord Supreme;

He has bull for His mount;

Mighty demons for army;

Boundless is His munificience

He gifts the world for us;

His goodness alone is goodness;

He is of matted locks;

He dwells in my thoughts.

445: In Love, He Created

In fondness for us He created the seven worlds,

In fondness for us He created the several aeons

In fondness for us He created the five elements;

In fondness for us He created this body and breath.

446: God Created All, Himself the Param Uncreated

Of yore He created worlds seven

Of yore He created celetials countless

Of yore He created species numberless

He who of yore created all

Himself stood as Primal Param uncreated.

447: He Who Created, Sustained As Well

The Primal One created the elements five;

The Primal One created the endless aeons past;

The Primal One created the countless heavenly beings,

The Primal One created and sustained as well.

448: The Pervasive Siva is Here as Well

The infinite spaces of the Seven worlds

He filled in oneness, expanding limitless

Yet is He not easy of reach;

Siva Himself into myriad Jivas pervaded

In this worlds as well, He our Lord.

449: He is the Object of All Knowledge

He is the light within

He is the body without

The precious object, beloved of immortals above,

The Holy Form, adored of saintly beings below,

He is the pupil of your eyes;

He the Object of all Knowledge.

450: The Lord Pervades All in Partiality to None

His is the Cosmic Form that none know

He is the infinite space that fills the universe;

He is the space in the tiny pot too;

Inseparable as water in milk

He pervades all in union close;

Impartial indeed His Goodness;

Unwearied His bliss–I knew.

Obscuration in Tantra Two (430-440)

431: He is Within You Yet You Know Him Not

He is the One within; He is the Light within;

He moves not a wee bit from within

He and your heart are thus together,

Though, the heart His Form knows not.

432: The Lord Gave This Life

The Lord who gave life so sweet

Imprisoned me in pasas miseries;

A skeletal frame He fashioned,

With flesh and skin He clothed it;

Lighting then the spark of life

To annihilation He hastened me.

433: Even the Three Gods do not Know the Mystery of Life

With Hara, Hari and Brahma assembling

The Primal Lord fashioned this body,

The subtle organs of sense built-in;

Why the Holy One did it,

The three know not the mystery.

434: Adore and Attain

The Lord is the light of our eyes

He loves us

He is the Primal One

–Male, Female and Neuter is He;

Tongues praising and hearts melting,

They seek not the path

That leads to the Celestial Lake.

435: He Dispels the Darkness Within

The Primal Lord blesses all

Denizens of earth below and heaven above;

From the black chamber of the Soul

He dispells darkness;

And within radiates the pure rays of His dazzling light.

436: Dispel Darkness and Give Thine Light

Lord! Your Form fills all the worlds

Yet You are invisible;

How my eyes long to see You!

My senses clamour aloud

In desire contending;

Save me, my Lord;

And bless me with Your grace inscrutable.

437: The Hidden One Will Reveal Himself

I held my Lord in me concealed,

I adored Him in my heart’s depths,

Lo! He revealed Himself unto me

And blessed me–here below,

Well may you adore Him

Revealing the rapture abounding and love endearing

That too pleases Him far.

438: One Became Five

The Sadasiva that stood as one

Animated Maheswara;

And then Hara, Hari, and Brahma

Thus did the One become the familial five.

439: He is the Pure One

He is the Pure One

The Siddha in whom Pasa lies prostrate;

Be firmly seated on land here below

And Seek Him in ways felicitous–

That you may vision the Land Beyond;

Not doing this,

You are like one

Who is seated on the banks of Ganga,

Yet remains unwashed and impure.

440: The Eye Sees Not Itself

One clay, many the receptacles

One God pervades species all;

The eye sees things several

Yet itself it sees not;

Thus it is, we see not the God in us.

Destruction in Tantra Two (420-430)

421: Fire is Lord’s Shaft

With fire, the Lord burnt all Space

With fire, the Lord burnt the Oceans,

With fire, the Lord burnt the Asuras

Fire, verily, is the Lord’s shaft on hand.

422: Three are His Layas

Three are His layas–the moments of Repose

Of them one, karpandha–the end of aeons,

I witnessed;

All things fell uprooted in the destruction

This orb then was unto a boiling rice pot

Its mountains and valleys alike burnt to ashes.

423: The Fire Spreads

The earth on which we tread

The snow-clad mountains eight.

The seven seas whose ebbing tides roar,

Over all these and else

The Fire that resides in Muladhara spreads;

And the spreading conflagration turned

Earth and sky seem alike;

–This the truth, imagination none.

424: The Fire Spreads to the Seas Also

From aloft the cloud laden mountains

She descended–

The benign river Ganga;

Into the earth the waters seeped

In directions eight,

Emptying itself eventually

Into the deep pit that is the Ocean,

That Constant sings the praise of Lord

With Chant of “Aum”

–That Ocean too the fire gulped in fury.

425: Four Forms of Death

Four are the forms of death

Daily death is the state of sense loss in sleep;

Fated Death is no-return to waking;

Pure Death is when the Soul reacheth inertia;

Redeemed Death is being in Lord’s Grace True.

426: What Transpires in the Four Deaths

In Daily Death, are bodies gross and subtle transcended;

In Fated Death, is the Mayaic body annihilated;

In Pure Death, Mind and cognates merge in Infinite

In Redemption Death, Siva’s Grace descends true.

427: Four Forms of Death

When but birth–impediment uprooted,

Daily Death is unto Fated Death

And Fated Death unto Pure Death

And Pure Death unto Redemption Death

In that alone is the Truth–Jiva becoming Siva.

428: Thus Four are the Deaths

Thus are Deaths Four;

The Daily Death in deep Sleep;

The Fated Death that gives the soul a longer rest;

The Pure Death that puts the Soul in primal quiescence;

The Redemption Death that steeps the Soul in Lord’s Grace.

429: Void the Beginning and End

Out of Void, a plant (soul) it sprang,

To the Void it returns;

Yet shall it not be Void again;

In that Void, exhausted, it shall die;

That the fate of Hari and Brahma too,

Who the holocaust of Samhara survive not.

430: Scorch Your Karmas

Scorch the gathering Karmas

And exhaust them;

There is One who annihilates them

And the city where He does it

He fashioned the body, He pervades everywhere.

He placed the Mind and cognate tattva group besides,

He gave us Wisdom ample to discriminate.

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